Why Do I Write?

Why I write

In today’s post, I’m taking part in a blog-hop all about why I write. For the last month or so, bloggers from all over the world have been revealing why they write, and I was invited to do the same by one of my blogging sisters, Amanda Whitworth of The Savoury Soul.

The need or drive to write is so different for every writer. And, when it comes to the writers that I admire, I’m fascinated to discover what fuels their fire because you get to see a glimpse of what makes this writer tick. What makes a person spend hours in front of a computer, clicking keys…sweating, while searching for the right words? When I visit libraries or bookstores, I think of the thousands of souls that have poured their heart into each book. All of that knowledge….all of that passion, encapsulated in paper.

I find writers fascinating. And, I love to know how my favorite writers create. How do they tap into inspiration? What keeps them going?

Of all of the professions in this world, I have always admired writers the most. In the past, I looked at them as super humans…more talented, brilliant, and passionate than I would every be. I dreamed of being a published author. That seemed like the pinnacle of achievement to me.

I believed that writers were tapped into an inaccessible greatness. And, I wondered…how could I be a part of that world?

For me, becoming a writer really came down to me just declaring it. Years ago, I said to myself, ‘I am a writer…that’s who I am. No more hiding, Alison. Get to work!’

I wanted to be what I admired for so long. Why did I believe that I couldn’t be a writer? I’m not sure. But I know this truth: I was lying to myself for years. I was always a writer, I just didn’t know it.

I first became a published author during graduate school. During my masters and doctoral degrees, I was able to published my experimental results in some really high calibre scientific journals — my work even appeared on the cover of, Clinical Neurophysiology. I can’t describe to you what a rush it is to have something published. Each time, I feel empowered and triumphant; not because it’s a smarty-pants thing to do. Instead, I feel like I’m truly living the life I want to live.

Becoming a writer has enabled me to be my authentic self. And, now, with the launch of alisonsmith.com, I get to indulge in my passion for writing while sharing the knowledge that I’ve gained over the last 8-years of recovery. Writing about what I’ve learned about creating a strong foundation for healing and recovery has really set me free, and I hope that it’s helped others to start their own path to reinventing their health.

My life now is all about: reinvention. We don’t have to be the people we were, or who we thought we were. We can reinvent our health and reinvent our life to create a better, more vibrant, experience.

We all deserve to be who we really are: mind, body, and soul.

I had a great time answering the questions in this blog hop. Why do I write? Let’s find out.

What am I working on?

I’ve spent the last 12 months in crazy, creation mode. This website, alisonsmith.com, was launched only a year ago, and in that time I created:

• Recharge Your Body: 52 Smoothie & Juice Recipes — my first FREE e-book

• The 2013 Get Your Juice On: Juice Recipe e-Guide

• The How to Start Juicing Infographic — this baby has been shared over 10,000 times!

• Sweet Liberation: 30 Days to Kick Sugar to the Curb — my first private 1:1 coaching program

• The How to Start Juicing e-Course — my first e-course!

I find that I’m constantly creating. I can’t get enough of digital productions. I love to work on e-courses the most. Writing content, producing slides, and overlaying my voice, as a lecture, on top is so much fun! All of my coaching programs and e-courses are video-based with lots of graphics and content.

I love to gear my writing towards education. I want to share my knowledge with others in hopes of changing how they approach their health and life.

Right now, I’m trying to decided what my next project with be. I have so many ideas. I was thinking about my first cookbook, all about sugar-free cooking and baking. I would also like to publish my diary on what it was like to launch a successful blog and online business. But, there’s also the 10-Day Sugar-Free Cleanse Program to create. So many projects to do!

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Let me see here…

I would like to think that my writing is saturated with the love and support that I feel for others who are struggling with their health. I’ve been there; I’ve lived it. I know what it’s like to lose your life, completely. From losing the ability to function independently, to losing the ability to work, I’ve been there, in the trenches with my readers.

I’m pretty proud of how my writing has progressed. I am, however, still discovering my voice. Being a writer is an ever evolving processes. Writing matures with time and experience. That’s why it’s so important to fight the feeling of resistance, and write often no matter what.

As a writer, you need to put words onto a page and exercise your writing muscles. Fluidity comes with practice.

Why do I write?

I write because I believe that it’s imperative. The knowledge that we have is only gained or remembered through the written word. Knowledge is lost without writing.

I don’t think that the knowledge I have will solve the world’s problems, but I do know that it can help a few people. There are people in this world that are going through a similar situation that I experienced, and if I could help them to navigate through the maze of recovery that much quicker, then my job is done. We only have to touch a few people to make a difference, right?

How does my writing process work?

My process is actually very specific and almost formulaic. I have to invite the muse of writing into my body. I know that that sounds odd, but it’s true.

The inspiration that I feel comes from a different place. It isn’t inside of me all of the time. I can, however, open up the door so that I can tap into the inspiration and clarity that I need to write with emotion and passion.

Here’s what I do…

  • I turn on Cinemix — an itunes radio station that only plays orchestral movie soundtracks. There’s something about that music that cracks open my heart, and that’s where true inspiration lies. It’s hard to be an emotionless writer.
  • I then close my eyes and feel the music, and I think about the topic that I’m writing about.
  • Once I have the first sentence, my writing tends to flow.
  • I like to type fast, and heaven forbid there are any distractions!
  • I write when I’m alone. I need a quite place, with just me, my computer, and Cinemix.
  • I never write if I’m not tapped into my muse. I have to be in a state of flow and inspiration.
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