The Quick Sand of Comparison


We are all on our own healing journey. Some of us are battling back from chronic illness. Others are trying to reclaim happiness after heart break. And, a few of us are picking ourselves back up after experiencing failure in love, life or business. We all need to heal in some way.

But time and time again, people stop themselves from healing because they sink into the quick sand of comparison.

We look at others that have experienced the same crisis as us, and we say to ourselves, “I’ll never be as lucky as she is. I’ll never heal like she did”. Or, “Even though she healed, that’s never going to happen for me. I’m going to be sick for the rest of my life”. And, “I’m never going to be able to battle back to the girl I was — I have totally failed”.

These negative thoughts, stand as a road block to our ability to recover and find lasting healing. And, it creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. According to Louise Hay, “every thought we think is creating our future”. And, I agree.

Don’t compare where you are in your healing journey to others.


The Quick Sand of Comparison

It’s so easy to compare ourselves to others. As an outsider looking in, it seems as if other people have a better life, an easier time, or a lucky disposition. It’s hard for us to imagine that we, too, could live the life of our dreams or heal from injury or illness.

Sinking into the quick sand of comparison is toxic to every aspect of our lives. And, if we want to heal, we have to leave it behind.

Each time you compare yourself to another, you sink a little bit deeper — until you’re so immobilized that you cannot move forward.

Focus on your own transformative path.

How to Resurface From the Quick Sand

I know what it’s like to sink into the quick sand of comparison. I’m on this journey of personal transformation as well.

I used to spend a great deal of time, truly believing that I wouldn’t heal. There are so few stories on the internet about the potential to heal from chronic Lyme Disease. And, the constant inundation of negativity solidified the perception that I, too, wouldn’t heal.

But through inner exploration and meditation I began to understand that my perception was an illusion. I do have the ability to heal. And, the stories of others have nothing to do with my ability to recover.

When I stopped comparing my healing journey to others around me, big things started to happen. I started to reclaim my life.


Here are some key practices to help you to resurface from the quick sand of comparison. Because It’s time to get healing.

Noticing the Tiny Miracles

Miracles don’t have to be massive events. Miracles, instead, can be tiny yet noticeable shifts in your daily life. Feeling alive and energized just for 10 minutes out of a day can be a miracle (it was for me). Being able to laugh at something funny, or be compassionate to yourself are tiny miracles, too.

When you stop comparing your healing journey to others, you can start to be mindful of yourself. You are the one that is healing — you are the most important person in the equation.

Noticing the tiny miracles in your life, can start to give you a clear picture of reality. And, if you’re struggling with your health, you need to start noticing when vibrancy and clear connection to your life happen — no matter how small the experience. You need to begin to take notice of the moments that are like magic. Because once you do, those magical moments where you feel healthy and alive will grow.

Leave Negativity Behind

The journey to healing can be incredibly long, and it requires an endurable mental toughness. To cultivate the belief that you will heal, and that you will live the life that you deserve, it is best to leave negativity behind.

      • Don’t read stories about people who failed to heal.
      • Don’t engage in conversations about people who failed to love again, or to reclaim success.
      • Don’t compare your journey to the lives of others.

Your story is incredibly different. So, don’t give away the power that you need to carry on. Leave negativity behind, and believe that you will succeed.

Leave Negativity

Take Action for Yourself

There is nothing more powerful than taking action for yourself. Don’t follow the path of another. Walk your own trail according to what your heart says. Intuitively, you know what you need to heal.

Be brave. Be courageous. Be bold. Be yourself. You will get there.

Do you find yourself comparing your healing journey to others? Please share your story below — I would love to hear from you.

Photos: Marlene Martins and Christi Suriano and H3RSMILE and The Whole Half

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