The First Step Toward Shifting Your Health

The First Step to Shift your Health

I think it’s safe to say that most people live pretty crazy lives.

We go to work, raise children, sit in traffic, wade through long line-ups, try to keep our houses from crumbling, haul our tired asses to family gatherings and friends’ celebrations, take very little time off to sit and do nothing, respond to a sea of email and text messages, and try to squeeze a little fun into the mix.

In the moments we get to resurface and gasp for air, we toss our bodies onto the couch, watch a little TV, and mindlessly toss some pre-packaged food into the microwave.

I hear you. I’ve been there.

Eight years ago, I was in my first year of my PhD, training for the Chicago marathon. I commuted to work 3.5 hours a day, crazily went to class, completed experiments, lead laboratories in the cadaver lab for extra money, wrote scientific papers and lived by the motto: publish or parish, publish or parish. I kept a stacked social life, went jogging like a mad woman, and I ate cake for dinner — not a veggie, not a piece of fruit in sight. And, I didn’t miss a beat.

That was my so called happy life. That is…until I got sick.

I’ve had tons of time to reflect on how mindless my life was. Running at full speed; filling my time and effort with work or escapism. I didn’t consider what my actions meant to my health: the one underlying thing that supported my crazy lifestyle.

Without your health, you have nothing.

It took a serious illness for me to wake-up and realize that a shift was not just needed, it was imperative. If I didn’t make a shift in the way I interacted with the world, in relation to how the world affected by body, I wasn’t going to recover.

I hear from so many readers that are not suffering from a chronic illness, but they’re teetering on an edge. They feel exhausted all the time. They lack a feeling of joy. And, they’re so disconnected from how food makes them feel. They have no idea how to make a shift, how to circle the wagons and make some changes for the better.

How do you start to save yourself before the s**t hits the fan, and you find yourself saddled with a chronic illness?

This is my ultimate mission. I want to help you to stop the zombie walk toward chronic disease, and if you’re already there, I want to help you wake-up and make a shift toward recovery because…

We all have way more power to change our lives than we think.

The First Step to Shift Your Health

The First Step Toward Shifting Your Health

So, you decided that you need to make a change in your life; you need to make a shift toward being a better custodian of your health. But you have no idea where to start.

Well…I say: throw on a lab coat, grab a note pad, and become a scientist. The first step in making any change in your life requires evidence.

You need to know where you are right now, and you need to write it down.

  • What are you eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
  • What kind of snacks are you eating?
  • Are you eating boxed food or are you cooking?
  • What colour is your food? Are you living in a beige world?
  • How much sugar are you consuming?

The first step in shifting your health really has to do with ‘mindfulness’. Have you ever heard of that word before?

Mindfulness is the act of paying attention.

During your evidence gathering stage, which I think should last about 1 week, mindfully pay attention to what you are eating. Write all the evidence down in a notebook.

You need to write everything down because you’re brain will try and trick you. If you don’t have the evidence concretely in front of you, your brain will say, ‘you’re ok. There’s no need to change anything.’

Your Take Home Assignment

I want you to do an experiment.

I want you to write down what you eat for breakfast, lunch,  dinner, and snacks. But…before you eat the item, I want you to READ ALL OF THE INGREDIENTS of the foods your choose to eat. And, here’s the most important part: I want you to pay particular attention to sugar.

You can easily identify sugar in an ingredients list because, most likely, it will have ‘ose’ at the end. For example, sucrose, glucose, maltose and fructose all end with ‘ose’. Also pay attention to high fructose corn syrup, agave, malt sugar, honey, molasses, maple syrup, and coconut sugar.

Your ultimate mission is to discover how much sugar you consume each week.

Leave a comment, below. If you had the opportunity to be coached on how to reduce or eliminate sugar in your life, would you be interested?

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6 Comments on “The First Step Toward Shifting Your Health

  1.  by  sally

    Please could you recommend a recipe to make chocolate, I have some raw organic cocoa powder that I put in smoothies with almond milk and was told I could make chocolate with this.

    •  by  admin

      Are you interested in making something like hot chocolate, or are you interested in making actual chocolate bars or truffles? I live completely sugar-free, so when I want to eat a sugar-free chocolately treat, I always make either sugar-free hot chocolate: or sugar-free chocolate spread:

  2.  by  Hanna

    What are your thoughts about honey or monk fruit in the raw? As you can see I am looking for a non harmful natural sweetener. LOL

    •  by  admin

      Good question. I actually live completely added sugar-free (no white sugar, maple syrup, honey, etc.) I do eat fruit, though. So, if I’m after something sweet, without eating added sugar, I use dates in my baking and NuNaturals Alcohol-Free Vanilla Liquid Stevia for everything else. The NuNatural’s product is natural, it doesn’t contain any additives like erythritol. And, in my humble opinion, it’s the best tasting stevia product on the market! If you’re in the U.S. you can order it on Amazon. If you’re in Canada, you can order it through

  3.  by  Hanna

    I use agave nector in my teas, is that bad? I don’t use much but I use it. I heard it’s better for you than sugar. What is your opinion.

    •  by  admin

      Wow…this is such a loaded question; that really needs a long response. But I’m going to keep it brief. I live completely sugar-free (I only consume fruit). But 3 years ago, when I was still consuming added sugar, I avoided agave nectar because it is a high fructose product. The liver doesn’t know how to process fructose (and fructose is the main reason why high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is unhealthy). Since we know that HFCS is unhealthy to eat, why would you want to eat agave nectar? (Especially when agave nectar contains more fructose than HFCS.) Food for thought : )

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