The Best of 2013 and a Powerful Way to Plan for a Kick-Ass 2014

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Wow…this year was definitely filled with surprises. In January, I was just sitting at home, trying to figure out what to do with my life. I was just beginning to experience leaps and bounds in my recovery from Lyme Disease — my energy level was beginning to return. After 7-years of being incredibly sick, unable to work for the last 4-years, I was beginning to wonder what my next move should be.

Most of my days were spent worrying about my next move. I felt so much better, physically, and my mind was very clear (I’m very thankful for that). But I knew that I wasn’t well enough to return to a 9-5 job that had an hour of commuting on the streetcar each way.

At the beginning of 2013, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. 

I guess you can imagine how stressful it can be to have a chronic illness while paying bills at the same time. The money factor has been really overwhelming for many years now. And, stacked on top of that, I’ve had to pay for my own medical care in the U.S. since Lyme Disease patients are denied treatment in Canada.

Website Begins

My whole Lyme experience has been an exercise in perseverance, patience, and hope. My whole mindset and outlook on life has changed. But there has been a great deal of fabulousness that has emerged right along side the scary, horrific effects of having Lyme.

You can’t have the great and wondrous, without the soul sucking, scary crap, too.

So, in essence, at the beginning of this year, I was trying to figure out how to return to work. And, here’s where the surprise appeared.

I was perusing the internet, and I stumbled upon Marie Forleo’s website: she’s a really vibrant online business woman, who provides amazing tips and tricks to fellow biz owners. I read all about her B-School: An online 8-week e-course that teaches people how to create an online business based on your personal expertise and passion. Reading about B-School, I learned that it was possible to share the knowledge that I gained throughout my whole Lyme ordeal with others struggling to reclaim their health. And, I could create a business around my experience, expertise and passion.

That realization was shocking to me. I could create an income by sharing my experience and my expertise. I had no idea that that was possible.

The realization opened a huge door for me, and it allowed me to experience such an amazing 2013, filled with gratitude, love, excitement, and success — and, let me tell you…I really needed some of that good stuff in my life. All of it has been a life saver, and just thinking my experiences thus far makes me all teary.

Now, here’s the thing…I didn’t have the cash to get into B-School. It costs $2000. I would absolutely love to jump into B-School, but it will have to wait until I’m on my feet again.

I did, however, discover another training academy that absolute changed my life. I discovered Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz & Life Academy. This academy is incredible! It’s jam-packed with e-courses, manuals, and planners to teach you how to create a flourishing online business. And, it also provides access to online forums to discuss your business ideas and experiences with other online biz goddesses. And, at the time when I joined, membership was only $200 per year. So, I jumped in. I knew that I needed training and guidance to start my website.

Amazing Biz Academy

The Amazing Biz & Life Academy has given me the tools to share my knowledge with you. I have learned so much over the last 7-years — I have so much information to share with you. It’s pretty amazing that I’ve been able to regain my health after Lyme Disease. It’s a very difficult illness to battle back from — especially if you’ve had it for years before being diagnosed and treated.

I owe my recovery not only to the incredible medical care I receive from my U.S. Lyme literate doctor; I also owe it to the drastic diet and lifestyle modifications that I made right at the beginning of my illness and throughout my treatment.

I want to help people to reclaim their health. I want to share the techniques and strategies that I’ve discovered to enhance health and recovery.

We all deserve a life filled with amazing experiences, joy, connection, and success. We all deserve abundance in our lives. I created my blog to help you to rebuild a strong foundation for health and happiness, in order to attract abundance.

To help me plan how best to serve you, I’ve started to plan out where my blog is going with the help of Leonie Dawson’s 2014 Create Your Amazing Year: Business Workbook. She’s also created a life edition, too.

Amazing Life & Biz Workbooks

Amazing Life & Biz Page Examples

I love her workbooks! Leonie is an artist, and she has created such beautiful imagery for the her workbooks — they are visually stunning. And, here’s the best part…they’re only $10! I downloaded a copy, and had it printed and bound at my local print shop. You can start planning for an amazing 2014 as well…just click here!

2014 Create Your Amazing Year Workbook & Planner

14 Reasons Why my 2013 was so special:

1. I started to experience leaps and bounds in my recovery from Lyme Disease.

2. I won my domain name ( in an auction. It was previously owned by some guy for the last 10 years. Alison Smith is an extremely popular name, so I was euphoric by this coup.

3. In June 2013, I started I created my website all by myself! (Yay for Youtube HTML & CSS tutorials!)

4. In August, I created a How to Start Juicing Infographic that has since been shared online by over 4000 people.

5. In December 2013, I was awarded 2nd place for Best Health & Wellness Blog in Canada.

6. I wrote a FREE e-book, Recharge Your Health: 52 Smoothies & Juice Recipes.

7. In October, I hosted my first 21-Day Juicing Challenge, and had over 190 people from all over the world sign-up.

MomMom & Me

8. In November, I wrote my second FREE e-book containing 200 juice recipes shared during the 2013 21-Day Juicing Challenge.

9. I joined Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz & Life Academy.

10. I got to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday with her.

11. I’ve been a featured writer on 10 health, wellness, and business websites. And, my website has even appeared in Positively Present’s Picks twice this year! (I so LOVE the Positively Present’s Picks!)

12. I was well enough to go camping with my niece and nephew. And, well enough to physically play with them. At Christmas, this year, I was well enough to go sledding with them. I’m so, so, so grateful to be able to be a part of their lives now.

13. I have had the opportunity to connect with so many new friends. I’m grateful for their inspiration, support, love, and laughs.

14. And…one of the most special experiences…I got to celebrate 15 years with my gorgeous man. Love. Love. Love.

My amazing year is dedicated to those in my life that give me so much love, support and inspiration to keep moving forward. Each of my steps toward returning to a full and vibrant life are dedicated to:

My Love

My Mother

Susan Graham Guddat

Natalie Diez D’Aux

Leonie Dawson

I also want to send a special dedication to you, my reader. Without you, I would not have experienced such an amazing year. Thank you for welcoming me into your sphere. We all are so overwhelmed by content online, and I’m truly grateful that you have allowed me into your life and inbox each week. I wish you an incredibly successful 2014. Let’s reclaim our health and happiness, together.

Live Healthy. Live Happy. Live Now!

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2 Comments on “The Best of 2013 and a Powerful Way to Plan for a Kick-Ass 2014

  1.  by  Nicole

    I had the pleasure of going through the sugar cleanse with you back in October, and it made such an impact on my life and in the discovery of my personal health. I appreciate you very much and even though this has been a difficult journey for you I am grateful to be blessed by your journey! Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement Alison! I look forward to learning more from you in 2014!

    •  by  admin

      Oh, Nicole…you are so sweet! It’s so wonderful to hear from you. Have an amazing 2014 Beautiful!!

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