The 4-Levels of Sugar-Free Living: Sweet Liberation Episode 1

Sweet Liberation Cooking Show s01e01: Levels of Sugar-Free Living

Well, it’s finally here. Season 1 of Sweet Liberation is launching today. In this series, I reveal how you can make gorgeous sugar-free & gluten-free desserts, right in your own kitchen.

I’ve been living as a Level-3 sugar-freer for 3.5 years now (since 2011). For the initial 2.5 years, I lived as a Level-4.

So, what do these levels mean, and are they important?

Well, I developed the 4-Levels of Sugar-Free Living because I felt like there was a great deal of contention online. There are a few different definitions of living sugar-free or in creating a sugar-free recipe.

Some believe living sugar-free means eliminating white processed sugar, only. Others believe the only way to live sugar-free is to cut out ALL added sugars, including honey, maple syrup, agave, etc. — some even eliminate fruit, too.

So, who’s right? What does it actually mean to live sugar-free?

Well, I think everyone is right. It just all comes down to which level of sugar-free living you want to participate in.

All of us have our own needs and wants, and I don’t believe that there should be any hurt feelings or nasty comments made to anyone, just because they define sugar-free living in their own way.

I developed the 4-levels of sugar-free living as a way to bridge the gap in our understanding of sugar-free living. You can read more about the levels of sugar-free living, here. 

So, in episode 1 of Sweet Liberation, learn how you can reduce your sugar exposure on your own terms and according to your own wants.

Personally, I believe that everyone would benefit most from living as a Level-1 sugar-freer. That is what I recommend to my Sweet Liberation coaching clients, and it’s what I recommend for you, too. I only recommend a Level 3 or Level 4 sugar-free lifestyle if you are suffering from a chronic illness, and you’re under medical or holistic treatment.

I lived as a Level 3 and 4 sugar-freer because I am recovering from a chronic bacterial infection called Lyme Disease. Eliminating sugar from my diet allowed me to navigate through medial treatment more successfully, and it also starved the bacteria of it’s primary food source.

Living sugar-free has been so successful for my recovery, that I’m still living as a Level 3 sugar-freer, even though I have completed treatment, and I’m about 90% recovered.

Kicking sugar to the curb is a powerful practice. It does amazing things for the body.  For more information on how you can start to free yourself from sugar, click here to find out more about my coaching program called Sweet Liberation. 

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