Sugar-Free Living & Healing: Live Google+ Chat Video

SugarFree Living & Healing Interview

I had a chance to meet-up with Ricki Heller of to chat about what it’s like to live sugar-free, how to start, and what sugar-free living can do for chronic illness recovery.

Ricki Heller, just like me, lives sugar-free; however, for her, it’s to combat chronic candida. Candida is a condition where the body produces an overgrowth of yeast. The condition is created and made worse by eating sugar.

Now, as you know…sugar shows up not only in added sugars like honey, maple syrup, white table sugar, high fructose corn syrup, agave nectar, and all other added sugars, the body also easily metabolizes simple carbohydrate foods like white flour, white rice, corn, potatoes, and fruit into sugar, in the body.

When it comes to a Candida infection, treatment includes eating a diet that is both sugar-free and simple carbohydrate free so that the Candida fungus is starved of its food supply. It doesn’t mean that you have to eliminate carbohydrates entirely. It just means that you need to concentrate on eating complex carbohydrates instead, like vegetables (other than corn and potatoes), whole grains, beans, and legumes; you also don’t want to forget about eating proteins and healthy fats.

Eating a sugar-free diet is an excellent way to support the body through chronic illness recovery. It’s also a great way to give the body a much need break to restore energy levels, detoxify the body, and to shed needless pounds gained from excessive sugar consumption.

What will you learn about in this Google chat?

• My Lyme Disease story: when I contracted the disease, and how I was diagnosed.

• My Lyme treatment: allopathic versus holistic treatment.

• My Lyme treatment and Lyme Diet.

• How to live sugar-free, and what it does for chronic illness recovery.

• Why living sugar-free is absolutely necessary for Lyme Disease recovery.

• The 4-levels of living sugar-free.

• What does it mean to live sugar-free?

• My favorite natural sweetener to use for baking and to get sweetness back into your life without sugar.

• Where to buy online my favorite natural sweetener.

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