Alison Smith Ph.D. Services

Dr. Alison Smith — trained neuroscientist, 
university instructor, science advisor, and 
medical writer — offers a unique service to
supplement companies, distributors, and
wellness brands. 

Dr. Smith helps to strengthen marketing
campaigns by teaching sales reps and vendors
the science behind the natural products that
they sell. 

Services Provided

Dr. Smith is hired as a consultant for supplement companies, distributers, and natural brands, on a project-by-project basis. Some companies only need her for one event or project, while others require her for multiple projects/events. Here are some examples of the services she provides:

1. In-class sales rep or vendor training sessions:

Annual sales meeting in-class training sessions, teaching the science behind the brands that sales reps sell. Or, in-store training sessions to teach vendors the science behind the products they sell.

2. Video training series:

Providing video based training videos for online sales rep and vendor training portals. Teaching sales reps and vendors the science behind the products they sell. Service includes researching, script writing, hosting the video series, and editing the videos; the brand provides a film location and professional videographer.

3. Social media videos: 

Explaining the science behind selected products for the general public. Service includes researching, script writing, hosting the video series, and editing the videos; the brand provides a film location and professional videographer.

4. Debunking false claims: 

Researching scientific evidence to refute false claims made by competing brands. Service includes an in-depth evaluation of the current scientific literature, in addition to writing a white paper detailing the evidence uncovered. 

5. Scientific white papers: 

Explaining the science behind products. Service includes researching, writing, and editing. 

6. Sales rep training materials: 

Information sheets for sales reps and vendors, profiling the science behind a product. 

7. Public speaking engagements: 

Trade show presentations, conference lectures, radio show discussions, naturopathic college and holistic health college lectures.

Examples of Services Provided

Dr. Smith was hired by Natural Calm Canada to:

  • Provide a 60-minute presentation on the science behind their product, based upon a scientific white paper commissioned by Natural Calm Canada, in order to address false claims from competitive brands about competing formulations of magnesium. My services were required to act as an impartial, outside scientific advisor. Essentially, this in-class training session was to enhance the ability of sales reps to communicate the effectiveness of Natural Calm, and to have the tools to refute false claims using scientific evidence.
  • Create seven 2-3 minute videos: two for social media and five for sales rep training intended for Natural Calm’s training portal. I researched content for the videos, wrote scripts, hosted and edited the videos. Natural Calm provided the filming location and professional videographer. All the videos were intended to teach the lay public or sales reps about the science behind Natural Calm. Here two examples of the social media videos: example 1 and example 2 
  • Speak at CHFA West: I gave a 45-minute presentation at CHFA West, discussing the science behind magnesium absorption for Natural Calm. I will also be at CHFA East in September 2017.  
  • Appear on a radio show: I was interviewed by Janet Jacks of Goodness Me! Radio, for Natural Calm. We spoke about my personal health story, how I discovered Natural Calm, and the science behind magnesium.

Dr. Smith was hired by Monnol to:

  • Write a short white paper detailing the role magnesium and trace minerals play at preventing depression and anxiety. The paper was written for sales reps to speak to vendors during May’s Mental Health Week.
  • Monnol needed this assignment completed in three days. Dr. Smith was able to deliver it in less than 48 hours. 

How to Hire Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith is located in downtown Toronto, Canada. To set-up a meeting (phone or in-person), please contact Dr. Smith at It would be a pleasure for her to speak with you about your up-and-coming marketing campaigns and sales rep training needs.