Product Alert! Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips. Wow!


Living gluten-free, corn-free, yeast-free and sugar-free pretty much means that you’re definitely NOT eating any kind of packaged snack food.

No twinkies for you, honey!

Every time I casually pick-up a package, thinking that I had finally found a snack food that I can actually eat, I’m shot down once I read the ingredients list.

Can I just say…there’s corn and sugar in everything!

I even picked up a package of ‘rice chips’ the other day, thinking that they would be made of rice. I mean… call me crazy, but when a package says ‘rice chips’, the product should be made of rice, right? WRONG! The first ingredient in the list was corn meal!

I’ve learned my lesson so many times that I never buy a product without reading the ingredients first.

So, when I walked into my local health food grocery store two weeks ago, I spotted a new product called Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips. And, I thought the same thing was going to happen. I thought, ‘oh, this is yet another corn product masquerading as a bean and rice chip’. But how wrong I was!

I flipped the package over, and read the ingredients: beans, rice, oil, salt. Holy crap, I found a snack I can eat!

I gleefully skipped home, tore open the bag like a ravenous dog, and bit into the tastiest chip I have ever eaten! I sunk into a snack food stupor. And, thus began my serious addiction to Beanfields chips — my one and only vice.

Of course, I took 3 bags of my vice (Sea Salt Beanfields Chips) with me this weekend, camping. And, I actually caught myself sneaking chips here and there, unbeknownst to my niece and nephew — I just didn’t want to share! I know, I know…pathetic. But once you try these chips out, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.


Now, since they’re a new product, they are hard to find. And they don’t stay on the grocery shelves very long. (I guess everyone else has discovered this magic snacky goodness, too.) So, when I spot them, I stock-up like some horrific natural disaster is on its way.

I can’t live without my Beanfields!

I am so thankful for this gluten-free, corn-free, sugar-free, yeast-free, vegan, high fiber & protein, GMO-free snack! Yeah, for Beanfields!

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