Hearing from my readers and clients is one of the most wonderful and up lifting things, ever. Here I share with you some of the precious words sent my way — I am truly grateful for all of them. 

2013 second place winner for best health and wellness blog


Quote Symbols in Circle 100x100Nicole B. I have always wanted to do something like the 10-day sugar-free challenge, and was excited to do it with someone that could walk me through it.  I also have had something going on in my body that has made me feel exhausted. The challenge made such an impact on my life, and I appreciate you very much. Even though this has been a difficult journey for you I am grateful. Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement!

Amber 100x100Amber D.  Alison’s 21-Day Juicing Challenge was really great! It got me back into a daily juicing habit, and got me experimenting with flavours and colours I’d never tried before (turmeric anyone?). It was wonderful to share pictures and recipes. 

Quote Symbols in Circle 100x100Brooke N. I was a little lost with all the info on the internet, but after reading your free e-book I feel tons better about experimenting with different juices. Thank you SO much!


Kimberly 100x100Kimberly B.  I was so excited when Alison sent out the 21-day juice challenge in August!  I had been juicing for about a month and just getting my feet wet and thought this would be a great opportunity to really step it up!  It was so amazing to see that so many people from all around the world were interested in tuning in to a more whole foods approach to life. I can’t wait until next  years challenge. Alison is an inspiration.

Quote Symbols in Circle 100x100Marianne K.  I loved reading about your special moments. You are one of my gratitudes for 2013. REALLY glad that I found you. You always make me feel better.


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Chick I. In my opinion, Alison is very knowledgeable regarding nutrition and healthy living.  She does an amazing job at relaying information, and provides it in such a way that is very easy to understand.  I believe she truly wants to help. Your blogs and articles are so helpful to my healing and for that I need to thank you. THANKS ALISON!!!

Quote Symbols in Circle 100x100Somi M.  I just want to say: your tips are incredibly great, and they are really practical tips for discarding negative thinking. Thank you so much.



Anastasia 100x100Anastasia K.  Through this 21- Day Challenge I got physical but also mental benefits! My skin got brighter, my cravings decreased but best of all, my mood got much better! Thanks, Alison, for bringing all of us together, we created a great community that supported each other, posted fantastic pictures of inspiring juice recipes!!! I am already changing my diet by incorporating more juices in my daily routine!!! It was so much FUN!

Natalia 100x100Natalia Chouklina of Achieve The Impossible  Doing the juicing challenge with Alison was a lot of fun! A great way to stay accountable, learn great juice recipes and meet new people. Highly recommend it. 


Sophie 100x100Sophie C. of Charmed Heart Tao  The Get Your Juice on Challenge was the best juicing experience I’ve ever had. Not only were there amazing new recipes being shared about the community each day, but also tips being traded on the best juicers to use, recipes to make from the leftover pulp and much more. While many people saw and felt great results, there was no pressure to fast. This wasn’t a diet, it was an intro to a healthier life.

Quote Symbols in Circle 100x100Kristin S. Through Alison, I learned a lot about how much sugar is in everything! I had a very good experience doing the 10-Day Sugar-Free Challenge. Initially, it was very difficult, and I didn’t think I would be able to do it. But after the first 2 days, it was much easier. I feel the support I was given from Alison was my only saving grace throughout the challenge. The daily check ins and motivational emails helped me to keep going. 

Amanda 100x100Amanda Moore of The Savoury Soul   I absolutely loved the 21 day, Get Your Juice On Challenge. It’s a subtle and easy way to incorporate more nutrients into your diet! Alison’s encouragement and passion for health is infectious and I loved seeing everyone’s juice creations! I will for sure be waiting for the next challenge and make sure to have a juice a day as it is! 

Rawfood Sisters 100x100Katrin & Julie The Raw Food Sisters  We loved being a part of the 21-Day Juicing Challenge. Thanks to the challenge we were sure to have our daily juices, and we got so much into it that we even made a longer juice cleanse. Amazing experience! Alison created a wonderful community filled with support and good vibes. We would do it anytime again. Highly recommend Alison’s juicing challenge!

Quote Symbols in Circle 100x100Jen T.  Thank you so much Alison! You have definitely given my sister and I a love of juicing. What an amazing group. Thanks again. 



Quote Symbols in Circle 100x100Liz T. During the 10-day sugar-free challenge, I learnt so much about sugar content in foods that I now not only look at all the other ingredients, I also check for the sugar percentage. Thank you for your support throughout. I have since been able to advise a friend of my sugar challenge with you, so I’m spreading the word.


Quote Symbols in Circle 100x100Sandy B. When Alison proposed the Juice Challenge, I jumped at the chance.  What a great way to make a commitment to regular juicing and learn new recipes. For me the Challenge was a lesson in juice alchemy  and a rare chance to connect with a GLOBAL community of health minded people who genuinely made a commitment to themselves and support others in a shared wellness journey. To summarize, I’d say ‘Inspirational’.  

Stefanie 100x100Stefanie I.  I loved Alison’s 21-Day Juice Challenge!  It was just what I needed to keep me on track for juicing every single day.  It was so helpful to have other people’s recipes to try, I definitely learned some new tricks and branched out.  I have taken my juicing to a new level and I feel amazing for it. Thank you Alison for the motivation, hosting the community and the great experience. Looking forward to the next one!

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Paula A.C.  After being a part of Alison’s 21-Day Juice Challenge I feel refreshed and calm. My mind is clear and my body feels wonderful. I started this challenge with no idea that it would change the way I lead my life. It turned in to something way bigger.  A week in to the challenge my husband joined me and has not stopped. Thank you Alison for inspiring me as well as my entire family. 

Quote Symbols in Circle 100x100Carla G. It’s really really nice to find people like you, willing to help others. I guess, when someone gets Lyme, and after a lot of time and a lot of sacrifice, gets healthy, it’s great to hear about the things that helped you to recover and what things didn’t. So I give you, again, thousands of thank you’s. I’m ready to start this new path, and I will follow all of your guidance strictly.