Summer Peach Fruit Leather

Peach Fruit Leather Recipe

This recipe can be made as a Level 1 or Level 3 sugar-free recipe. To learn more about the levels of sugar-free living click on over here…or watch this video

Happy, hot summer day, everyone! I’ve been away, on the blog, for about a month now. I took a much needed break to concentrate on my lovely sugar-free & online business coaching clients, while getting lots of sun and soul-feeding time with family and nature: hiking, camping, and swimming in the ocean.

This Toronto summer has been epic: so much sun! The last two summers here were just dismal — grey, rainy, cold…I’m happy that mother nature brought the good stuff this year — we all really needed it!

To help celebrate this blazing summer, I’m sharing with you today a recipe for Summer Peach Fruit Leather. This recipe is all about paying homage to gorgeous, local, summer fruits in your area.

Peach Fruit Leather Recipe

I live quite close to Niagara Falls: an area known for producing excellent wines. It’s also known for it’s beautiful fruit production…peaches being just one type of crop.

The local farmers’ markets are filled, crammed, stocked, and over flowing with the most aromatic, summer fruit right now. And, this is your chance to revel in it, in all sorts of ways.

Making fruit leather is a great way to use up fruit that is on the over ripe side. I hate throwing food away. And, I love to find ways to use up food that is on the verge of having to fly the coop.

Usually, I just juice all the fruits and veggies that are over 6-days old. But, this time, I decided to experiment with my trusty dehydrator.

Peach Fruit LeatherPeach Fruit Leather

Just before he left on a 7-day canoeing trip, chef Sean (aka ‘my love’), bought me a whole basket of Ontario peaches. They were phenomenal! So sweet…just perfect.

Now…peaches get over ripe really fast. And, I didn’t want to witness mushy, molding peaches in my kitchen: just because I couldn’t eat them fast enough. So, voila! Peach leather it is.

If you’re living refined sugar-free (Level 1), you can add just a little coconut sugar or honey to this recipe. If you are added sugar-free, and only eat fruit (Level 3), just added a little alcohol-free liquid stevia or none at all! The peaches were so sweet, I didn’t have to add any type of natural sweetener to the mix.

Peach Fruit Leather

Leave a comment, below: what is your favorite fruit recipe?

Summer Peach Fruit Leather
Prep time

Total time


The easiest way to make a sweet treat and take advantage of all the sweet summer fruit available at your local farmers’ market.
Serves: 1


  1. This recipe will give you one large serving of fruit leather for 5 large fruit roll-ups.
  2. Keep the skin on all fruits: Do not peel.
  3. Remove the pits from all peaches.
  4. Core the red apple.
  5. Cut all fruit into large chunks.
  6. Place cut fruit into a high-speed blender, and blend until very smooth.
  7. Add the vanilla extract.
  8. If you need more sweetness, you can either add 5 drops of alcohol-free vanilla liquid stevia or 2 tsp of coconut sugar or honey (the first option will give you a Level 3 result. The second option will give you a Level 1 result).
  9. Pour the blended fruit on a dehydrator tray that is lined with a non-stick dehydrator sheet.
  10. Pick-up the dehydrator tray, and tilt the tray in all directions so that the fruit puree spreads into a large round circle.
  11. Place the fruit leather into a dehydrator, set to 115 degrees Fahrenheit for 5-7 hours.
  12. The fruit leather must be completely dried.
  13. Cut the fruit leather into long strips, and roll them up, before storing them in plastic wrap.

Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 roll Calories: 50 Fat: 0.2 Saturated fat: 0 Unsaturated fat: 0 Trans fat: 0 Carbohydrates: 10 Sodium: 0.1 Fiber: 2.2 Protein: 0.6 Cholesterol: 0

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