Grrrr…I’ve Been Greenwashed!


For the last two years, I’ve transitioned almost all of my household and beauty products into natural products. From toothpaste to dishwashing soap, I have found some truly amazing natural products — that even work better than the chemical laden crap.

One of the first beauty products that I changed … read more...


Sweet, yet tangy, this recipe is one of the most popular in our house. We call it “The Mixture”.

Served with organic Mary’s Crackers, this recipe is a fabulous alternative to making a sandwich. Just use the crackers to scoop up the mixture, and you have one of the most … read more...

How Juicing Can Recharge Your Health


~ I never knew what I was missing until I started juicing ~

Seven years ago I contracted a serious condition called Lyme disease. It took 5 years to get diagnosed, and by that time my body was spent. I was no longer able to function.

I road my couch, …

Why Gluten Is Not My Friend

Gluten Free Zone

I used to suffer from the worst abdominal pain. It was unrelenting.

Day in and day out, the lower left corner of my belly would just burn. Nothing would sooth the fiery inferno that was my intestine.

Passing gas didn’t work; having a good ol’ poop didn’t work; using a … read more...

Iced Coconut Chaga Tea Shake


This week’s recipe is inspired by Thursday’s blog post on Chaga mushroom.

The most popular way to consume Chaga is by making a tea from ground Chaga powder. You can buy Chaga powder from the health food store. But, instead, I choose to find my own wild Chaga. I store … read more...