Sugar-Free Chocolate Almond Spread


Ladies & gentlemen…if you are looking for a sugar-free, chocolatey dessert YOU HAVE FOUND IT!

A few months ago I was in my kitchen just jonesing for a lusciously intoxicating chocolate treat. But what are you to do when you live totally sugar-free? I guess, just sit there and suffer?… read more...

Top 3 Reasons to Avoid GMO Foods



I don’t know about you, but GMO foods give me the creeps. What is a GMO food, you may ask? Well… it’s a food created in a laboratory by the process of merging the genetic information from two different species. For example, the genetic information from a bug-killing herbicide … read more...


Living gluten-free, corn-free, yeast-free and sugar-free pretty much means that you’re definitely NOT eating any kind of packaged snack food.

No twinkies for you, honey!

Every time I casually pick-up a package, thinking that I had finally found a snack food that I can actually eat, I’m shot down once … read more...


Living gluten-free, corn-free, sugar-free, and practically dairy-free to boot can make breakfast time a little bit of a mystery.

I used to find myself asking, “what on earth am I going to eat for breakfast?”

Until, that is, I came up with this amazingly delicious and nutritious recipe for red … read more...

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As a thank you to all of my new readers, I have written a FREE ebook called Recharge Your Body: 52 Smoothie & Juice Recipes. Get your very own copy, delivered straight to your inbox, by entering your name and email address here. There is one new and exciting … read more...