It’s the hot, dog-days of summer. And, I don’t know about you, but I’m sweating up a storm. Which brings me to my numero uno problem — stinky pits!

Stinky pit syndrome has been an on-going issue for me, ever since I decided to go el natural and wear only … read more...

Sugar-Free Vegan Chocolate Pudding

Vegan Choco Pudding

The day is here! The day is here! I finally get to share with you my surprise recipe for fat-free, sugar-free, vegan chocolate pudding!

I’m so excited!

This recipe was a total fluke. Last week, I wanted something sweet; but what do you eat when you live sugar-free? Well…I always … read more...

8 Signs That Your Gut Needs Probiotics


I spent years suffering with unrelenting gut pain. But at the time, I never realized how abnormal it was. I just lived with it.

The abdominal pain creeped into my life, slowly. It started off as uncomfortable gas build-up in my belly that would cause pain for a day or … read more...


Recently, I started to eat a fat-free vegan diet to support my new Lyme Disease treatment protocol. I was really intimidated by the thought of living fat-free for 4-months. So, I totally procrastinated and stalled until I could wrap my mind around eating fat-free.

My diet is typically high in …

My Lyme Life: A New Day


After 22-months of heavy-duty antibiotic treatment for Lyme Disease, I now feel like I’m in the final stage of healing. If you would have asked me two years ago if this day would happen, I would have said, ‘no….it’s impossible’.

But here we are; the day has come. I feel … read more...