I started this blog because I’m on a mission to help people reclaim their health. I want people to know that there are ways to transform the way that you eat and way that you live in order to invite healing into your life. None of us has to wait … read more...

Creamy Sugar-Free Vegan Chocolate Smoothie

Sugar-Free Vegan Chocolate Smoothie

I wanted to take a moment this week, to welcome you into my world of sugar-free smoothies. Many people don’t realize that you can really enjoy a smoothie without heaping in any form of added sugar like honey, agave, maple syrup, or refined sugar.

So, if you just love thick …

Gluten-Free Cheesy Veggie Frittata

Gluten-Free Vegetarian Frittata Recipe

One of my all time favourite things to eat on a leisurely Sunday is the ever versatile, Frittata.

I learned how to make frittatas from my wonderful, chefy man: along with a slew of other crazy, amazing skills in the kitchen.

This recipe is one that will not only impress … read more...

Article about living sugar-free

For the last 6-weeks, I’ve been in full-tilt creation mode. I’m filming, writing, brainstorming and recording all of the components of my brand new one-on-one coaching program called, Sweet Liberation: 30 Days to Kick Sugar to the Curb. (Coming: May 2014)

Now…you might be asking yourself, ‘why is she creating … read more...

The Unconventional Vegan Baked Potato

Vegan Baked Potato Recipe

I just love baked potatoes. I love their simplicity, taste, comforting feeling, and crispy skin. I love how you can pile almost anything on top: they’re just so darn versatile.

Now, the traditional way to eat a baked potato, at least it’s the traditional way in Canada, is to slather … read more...