How to Make Delicious Roasted Yams

How to roast yams

This week, I’ve been working away, creating a series of videos for a new e-course all about how to start juicing. There is something about the creative process that makes me feel so energized, inspired and engaged. I can’t wait to share the e-course with you (FYI…it starts this … read more...

Sugar-Free Chai Tea Lemonade

Chai Tea Lemonade

Last week, we kicked off barbecue season for this hot, sunny, big blue sky summer, by hopping on over to my neighbour’s house to celebrate Pride weekend. My fabulous neighbour, Armen, whipped up some incredible Armenian food: I wish I could eat at Armen’s house, every day.

Now, Armen knows …

Gluten-Free Spiced Rice & Veggie Wrap

Vegetarian Wrap Sandwich Recipe

It’s another beautiful week for a new wrap recipe. This one uses one of my all time favorite products: Food for Life Brown Rice Tortillas.

Did you catch last week’s wrap recipe? Click here to discover the amazing coconut wraps by Pure Wraps: they’re raw, vegan, gluten-free, and … read more...


As most of my readers know, I contracted Lyme Disease back in 2006 after being bitten by a tick. It took 5-years to get a diagnosis through a simple blood test, and a further 3-years of treatment to arrive, finally, at a place where I don’t feel so incapacitated.

Lyme …

Roasted Yam & Chickpea Coconut Wrap

Roasted Yam & Chickpea Coconut Wrap Recipe

Hold the phone, people! You need to try coconut wraps. Yes, that’s right…coconut wraps. Who knew?!

Whenever I have a wrap, I typically grab a pack of Food for Life brown rice wraps: they’re great, and very versatile — heck, you can even make thin crust gluten-free pizzasread more...