Black Olive Green Beans

Black Olive String Beans Recipe

When it comes to working with my clients in my Sweet Liberation sugar-free program, I always recommend that they concentrate on preparing a healthy dinner by having:

• 1 lean protein (chicken, turkey, fish, lean red meat)

• 1 gluten-free whole grain or legume (quinoa, millet, brown rice, beans, mushrooms)… read more...

Hazelnut Biscotti with Cinnamon Glaze

Sugar-Free Biscotti Recipe

This week on Food Love Friday we have a special guest! Ricki Heller of is here with us to share her incredible recipe for Hazelnut Biscotti with Cinnamon Glaze. Ricki is a gluten-free, sugar-free, grain-free expert from my home town, Toronto. She’s the author of two bestselling cookbooks and … read more...

Chocolate, Hemp & Goji Berry Bliss Bites

Chocolate Hemp Bliss Bites Recipe

Living sugar-free doesn’t mean that you have to live without sweet, chocolately treats. Today’s recipe is about freeing yourself from the idea that taking care of your body requires extreme deprivation and sword wielding martyrdom.

After making these scrumptious, sugar-free bliss bites, I walked on over to my lovely neighbour’s … read more...

Spark Session Q & A: How to take your blog to the next level

I recorded this live Q & A chat with Leanne Vogel of after experiencing something called a Spark Session. This recording is for all of my fellow health & wellness bloggers — especially those who really want to make their blogs bigger, better, and more profitable.

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Sugar-Free Vanilla Chia Pudding

Sugar-Free Vanilla Chia Pudding Recipe

How Exciting!

Today, I’d like to introduce to you, a friend of mine, Amanda Whitworth of The Savoury Soul. Amanda is our very first guest on, and I’m so ecstatic to share her recipe for Sugar-Free Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding! Amanda recently completed my Sweet Liberation Programread more...