Need Some Inspiration? Here Are 4 Women That Rock My World

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Recovering from a chronic illness requires a mindset that propels you forward, encourages you to fight-the-fight, keeps your eye on the prize, and reminds you to have love and compassion for yourself. Because the days are filled with repetitive, mundane rituals designed to build a strong and stable foundation of recovery. And, you need your mind to make you focused, present and willing to take consistent action.

Your thoughts create your future. Be mindful of negativity.

Lyme disease came knocking on my door seven years ago, and I’ve been in treatment for the last two (yep…it took five years to get diagnosed). There are days when my wellness warrior swagger is deflated, and my sword is too heavy to wield  On those days, I’m reminded of how much I’ve lost: my career, my independence, my social butterflyness.

But during those moments when my power and belief in reclaiming health and vitality are pinned down by the giant foot of fear, all I have to do is turn to the four wellness warriors that rock my world and inspire me to fight on.

To reclaim the belief that I will return to a beautiful, electric, soul-blazing life, I turn to Jessica Ainscough, Kris Carr, Danielle Laporte, and Vani Hari — my virtual soul sisters

1. Jessica Ainscough


Jessica, better known as The Wellness Warrior herself, is a beautiful Aussie, who fought cancer and won using the Gerson Diet: a protocol that cures cancer naturally. Jessica is the number one inspiration for my website — I think she’s amazing, inspiring and thought-provoking.

I visit her website, every day, to see what the power of juicing and detoxification looks like, and to remember that, ‘if Jessica can push on….so can I’. Here is a recent blog post from Jessica about the power of patience — a skill that every wellness warrior must strive to perfect. (Healing is an epic journey after all.)

2. Kris Carr


I first discovered gorgeous Kris Carr when she appeared on Oprah around the time ‘Crazy, Sexy Cancer‘ was released: a documentary about her life-changing experience following her cancer diagnosis. I was immediately drawn to Kris’ burning passion for life and doing whatever it took to live vivaciously, courageously and unapologetically.

I believe that my diet is a huge piece of my recovery puzzle, and Kris fuels my fire to keep juicing, eating an anti-inflammatory diet, and mindfully walking a path filled with love and healing.

On my worst days, Kris injects me with a little bit of humorous wellness wisdom that reignites the beacon on my horizon of healing. Her blog posts, like this one, remind me that I’m not alone, and I’m grateful for the company.

3. Danielle Laporte


Oh, Danielle…where would I be without you? I’ll tell you…depressed!

If you haven’t virtually met the lovely Miss Danielle Laporte yet, I would suggest you immediately read this blog post as a brief introduction. Danielle is a heart-opening, soul-inspiring, magical magician of words and wisdom — she is a wellness warrior of the mind, heart and spirit. There is no one else like her, and I thank the universe that she exists.

This fellow Canadian melts my fear and anxiety with her daily Truth Bombs and poetic prose. She keeps me grounded in the present moment, and teaches me to dream big and desire greatly.

4. Vani Hari


To rebuild my health, I put a great deal of emphasis on drinking fresh, green juices and eating nutrient dense organic whole foods (quinoa is one of my best friends). I refuse to eat GMO products or expose myself to chemical laden cleaners or beauty products.

To support my efforts to live clean, I rely on Vani Hari, a wellness warrior better known as the Food Babe, to give me the low down on what’s lurking within any food product. Vani is a woman on a mission to tell the public the truth behind the food industry in America.

Her crusade is eye-opening, and she makes me feel like there is someone out there fighting to help me get the natural food that I need to heal. Check out this blog post by Vani, and get in-the-know about the dark side of GMO foods in the United States.

I think all of us struggle sometimes to stay present, stay happy and stay positive. So, I’m curious. Is there anyone that rocks your world? Who do you turn to for inspiration and elevation?

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