My Lyme Life: A New Day


After 22-months of heavy-duty antibiotic treatment for Lyme Disease, I now feel like I’m in the final stage of healing. If you would have asked me two years ago if this day would happen, I would have said, ‘no….it’s impossible’.

But here we are; the day has come. I feel so grateful, and I’m ready for the final push.

As some of you know, I’ve been living sugar-free all throughout my treatment. That means I’ve had absolutely no sugar, including fruit, for 22-months. I could get away with having an apple here and there, but other than that, I lived without all the amazing sweet goodies that nature gives us.

Why on earth did you have to live sugar-free, you might ask? Well…if you’re taking a lot of antibiotics, the good bacteria in your gut gets killed off. So, if you eat sugar of any sort (including white rice, potatoes, yams, yeasted bread or corn), you’ll get some pretty nasty side effects, and some of them can be life threateningly serious.

So, when you’re treating any illness using large doses of antibiotics, you can easily avoid most medication side effects by living completely sugar-free. Think of this as an ultra long anti-candida diet in order to avoid nasty events that keep you chained your toilet.

If you need any guidance on living sugar-free — I’m definitely your go-to girl!

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At the beginning of treatment, I thought it was going to be impossible to go completely sugar-free. I had done strict anti-candida diets before; but they only lasted 12 days. I thought there was no way that I could live sugar-free, indefinitely.

I was a sugar addict.  I ate cake for dinner for goodness sake! But it’s amazing how quickly your mindset changes once you decide to take action and do whatever it takes to recover. Now, I can’t wrap my mind around how much sugar I consumed before going sugar-free. I guess I was trying to comfort myself with cookies, cakes, muffins, dates, creamy popsicles and puddings.

I now know that comforting myself with sugar did nothing for my health. In fact, the sugar only fed the Lyme bacteria, which made the infection grow.

As soon as I went sugar-free, a huge amount of stress was released from my body. My symptoms reduced, and I learned first-hand how powerful diet is for energy, vibrancy and clarity. And, if you have a chronic illness, living sugar-free can form a strong foundation for the road to recovery.

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It’s a new day and a new treatment

To help me on my final push to total recovery, my doctor recently recommended a new treatment — which means my diet has radically changed, again.

I’m allowed to start eating fruit once again, but I now have to live completely fat-free for 4 months while taking a new medication to help reduce something called biofilm in my body. The fat-free diet, along with one medication and herbals, will be used to reduce this fatty, mucous-like substance that reduces the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy (antibiotics can’t penetrate through biofilm very well).

So…here I am: a new day and a new treatment regime. I’m confident that this will be the last push to recovery. I’m already planning the party!

I’ve spent the last two weeks getting used to eating fat-free, and I must say…it’s not as difficult as I expected. I’m back in the kitchen doing some experimentation, and I think I’ve got the diet down now.

This past weekend I had mango, cherries and watermelon for the first time in two years. Can I say…MANGOS ARE AMAZING! Wow!

I’m definitely not going hog-wild in the fruit department. I feel like I need to ease myself back in (I’ve been sugar-free for two years after all). And, I quickly discovered that too much fruit doesn’t do me any favours in the energy department. But I’m loving the rediscovered taste explosions! A little fruit goes a long way in my books.

If you’re fat-free, what on earth are you eating?!

Well…I’m definitely not starving. I do eat much more frequently — I have about 5-6 meals a day. Eating as a fat-free vegan means that your plate is filled with veggies, mostly; and veggies are not too high in calories. So, you have to eat frequently when you are living like this.

My typical breakfast will consist of red quinoa porridge with blueberries, goji berries, bee pollen and RAW brown rice milk (sweetened with vanilla liquid stevia). Or, I’ll have dehydrated buckwheat groats as a cereal with RAW brown rice milk and chopped apple (again, sweetened with vanilla liquid stevia).

For lunch I’ll have a baked yam, with cubes of firm tofu, bean salad and a berry smoothie. And, for dinner, I might have quinoa pasta, with red sauce and steamed greens.

I snack on cooked chickpeas, coated with rosemary, garlic and salt. Or, cooked black beans, with salt and thyme. I just learned how to soak and cook beans and lentils. I have no idea why I’ve been buying canned. Cooking your own is so much more delicious and way cheaper!

And, of course…I’m still juicing — the greener the better! And now, I get to start making smoothies, again. Bonus!


What have I learned over the past 7 years?

Food has a powerful role to play in how you feel and how you recover from a chronic illness. I’ve just spent the last 7 years recovering from Lyme Disease: the past 2 years in treatment. I strongly believe that my recovery wouldn’t be where it is today without the radical transformation in my diet and lifestyle.

I used food to support my treatment. And, I changed my lifestyle, completely. I went from being a high-strung, type-A workaholic, to a total wellness junkie who pays more attention to health, nutrition, mindfulness and love. Everything about how I eat, what I put in and on my body and how I interact with and treat the people around me has changed.

My whole life has transformed. And, it’s definitely transformed for the better. I’m grateful for everything that I’ve learned about health and wellness. And, I’m excited to start sharing all of the knowledge that I’ve gained.

We are all on some sort of path to self discovery, self transformation, recovery or healing. And, I’m walking this path with you.

Live healthy. Live happy. Live now. You deserve it!

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7 Comments on “My Lyme Life: A New Day

  1.  by  Dottie

    I have just recent been diagninosed with Lyme and can not take antibiotics so doing herbs and diet but finding so many different oppions on what to eat I am trying the Pale diet.but still pretty confusing

  2.  by  Sarah

    Hello Alison. What was the one medication and herbals you were taking to eradicate the biofilms? Please and thank you.

    •  by  admin

      Hi Sarah, I did a biofilm treatment at the end of 2.5 years of antibiotic treatment. It was called the “Alinia Protocol”. There was a list of herbals I took at the same time, but, unfortunately, I don’t remember what the items were. Treatment protocols are very patient specific, so it’s best to consult with your LLMD first. Keep on shining and healing!

  3.  by  Julia

    Where does popcorn stand on a sugar-free diet? I’m having a hard time giving it up!

    •  by  admin

      Hi Julia : ) Good question. There are 4-levels to living sugar-free. The level are explained here:
      When it comes to corn, it does metabolize easily in the body into units of glucose (sugar). The elimination of corn from your diet, falls under a Level 3 sugar-free lifestyle. Determining which sugar-free level you want to live at is determined by 1. preference, 2. and health status. For a healthy person, I recommend a Level 1 lifestyle. If you have a chronic illness, I recommend a Level 3 or 4, depending upon your treatment requirements. What is your ultimate goal?

  4.  by  Tricia

    Alison, it’s so encouraging to read the progress you’ve made with your Lyme disease. I have been in treatment for almost 5 years now. Attacking coinfections right now. I spent the first 2 years completely sugar free and carb free. I made a mistake of getting lazy with my diet and now I’m trying to get over candida. This encourages me to get back to it!! Keep up the good work & the fight for good health.

    •  by  admin

      Hi, Tricia! Thanks so much for saying hi : ) I’m so happy that you’re encouraged to get back on the sugar-free ship. Please let me know how that goes. I hope your Lyme journey ends soon. I wish you all the best. Keep fighting the fight, lovely!

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