Manifest Success: Make Peace With Your Kitchen Cupboards


I have a really bad habit of opening up my kitchen cupboards and just staring. I mindlessly scan the disorienting, disorganized jars, bags and boxes, and think to myself:¬†There’s nothing to eat!

I love to keep my diet super clean. I think to an outsider looking in, my diet would seem like I’m on a constant, never ending cleanse, and that’s true: I like to treat my body like the goddess temple that she is. And, I’m still healing from a serious chronic illness, so I need to be very mindful of what I choose to eat.

Since I eat such a clean diet that means that I’m seriously cooking on a daily basis. This doesn’t bother me at all — I’m quite used to it. And, I like to experiment in the kitchen any way. But this habit of going into a zombie trance every time I open the kitchen cupboards is doing me no favours; in fact, it’s a total roadblock to keeping my diet on the straight and narrow.

Last night, I caught myself doing the same old thing: opening up the cupboards and whinging that there’s nothing to eat — ¬†when, in fact, the cupboards were stacked full.

So, today I thought I would help myself out. I decided to clean out my cupboards and organize. What I found is that the end result made me feel lighter and a lot more productive.

Clearing the clutter actually clears the mind.

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The mind likes to hone in on the most pertinent information for any given task: it’s a process called attention. Attention helps use to focus in on what we’re doing or what we’re sensing. And, if there is too much going on at any given moment, or we’re trying to multitask, attention naturally suffers. And you’re ability to get the job done goes down the pooper.

So, it’s no surprise that my cluttered kitchen cupboards were stopping me from making a decision. The vast array of all the jars, bags and boxes were just overloading my brain.

De-cluttering the cupboards has made me feel lighter and more productive.

After clearing, cleaning and re-stacking the cupboards in a logical, organized way, I feel so much lighter and it’s actually helped me to be more productive today.

When I open the cupboards, now, everything that I need can be found in simple categories:

              • grains, beans and legumes
              • sea weed and rice paper wraps
              • baking bits & bobs and dried fruit
              • Herbs and spices
              • Superfoods for smoothies

Personally, I love my superfoods for smoothies section — it’s my favorite! Having all of my body rockin’ superfood ingredients like raw cocoa powder, maca, bee pollen, chia seeds and hemp seeds, all in one place and neatly in their own jars, encourages me to make booty shakin’ superfood smoothies.


Are you facing the same cupboard catastrophe?

Completing this little project today made me think that I’m most likely not the only one suffering from kitchen cupboard induced zombie-blank-stare. I have a feeling that this condition is likely an epidemic.

I also have a feeling that kitchen cupboard clutter may be stopping you from keeping your diet in tip top shape.

Do you find yourself opening up the kitchen cupboards and wishing that the food would magically dance on out and cook itself? Do you feel so overwhelmed by the disorienting clutter that you close the cupboard doors and decide to order a pizza instead?

Doing a simple and quick reorganization of your kitchen cupboards can actually help you to keep your diet healthy and happy. Just think of making peace with your cupboards as a way to manifest healthy diet success.

How are your kitchen cupboards treating you now a days? Leave a comment below.

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