Lyme Recovery Manifesto Poster Workshop

Alison Smith of hit recovery in 2015, after 9-years of battling Lyme. In this workshop she'll show you how to create your own Lyme Recovery Manifesto Poster: a strategy to help you to boost your motivation & focus to stay on treatment to reach recovery. 

What's included in this workshop?

  • How to write the words for your own manifesto poster.
  • How to use to create your poster for FREE.
  • How to print your poster for less than $1.50
  • Bonus: a done-for-you PDF of font combination recommendations.
  • Video Length: 1 hour 14 minutes

only  $10


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What People Are Saying About Alison...

Thank you Alison for your tireless efforts to inform Lyme sufferers about positive ways to approach this illness. You have been most generous with your time and energy, valuable information, strategies and recipes. You are a great inspiration to everyone with Lyme disease. Only someone like you, who has fought the battle can truly understand the journey.


You have helped me so much over the past 6 months or so. I just wanted to say thank you again...I think my guardian angel sent [Alison} to cheer me on. Whenever I doubt there is hope for me, whenever the symptoms and the suffering and the knocks and the defeats get too much to handle I think of her, my Lyme twin. I think of our parallel lives: she is more than two years ‘ahead’ of me, and who knows, maybe I too will be so much better in two years time


Thank you heaps!  You have inspired me!! So full of gratitude to have the tools you fought hard to acquire while walking towards a new life.


Just found your blog/website while researching diets for Lyme and I just want to say that yours is about the best out there.


Thank you for being a positive voice for hope and future health!


Thanks again for everything you do girlie and for being so kind to share.


Thank-you to Alison Smith who guided me in the right direction! xo


It's really really nice to find people like you willing to help others.... I guess, when somene gets lyme, and after a lot of time and sacrifice, gets healthy... it's useful to hear what things helped you to recover and what others didn't. 


Learn a strategy to stay mentally strong during your treatment for Lyme.