Interview Alison

035A5646Would you like to interview me for your blog, podcast, newsletter, telesummit, radio show or e-course? I would love to speak with you! Please shoot me a message to Let’s chat!

I absolutely love connecting with people, and it would be my pleasure to speak with you about: 

                  • Taking Action to Reclaim Health
                  • Strategies to Support Health & Recovery
                  • Lyme Disease
                  • Juicing
                  • Reducing/Eliminating Dietary Sugar
                  • Reducing/Eliminating Dietary Gluten
                  • Self Empowerment
                  • My Journey Back to Health

I am available for an audio or video interview via phone or Skype. I am also open to a written Q & A as well. I’m happy to spread the word to my tribe about our interview. I will sent notification to my readers via my newsletter, Facebook and Twitter. 

Hit me up with an e-mail! And, have a fabulous day…because you deserve it.

Alison Smith PhD: