How to Stay Positively Positive


Refocusing and recommitting to practicing the act of positivity is crucial when you’re on the path to reclaiming vibrant health and soul satisfying happiness.

I recommit myself, each morning, with this affirmation: Positivity is healing and inspiring, so let’s be positive.

But how on earth do you stay positive when life as you know it has disappeared?

Well…small, tiny, crumb-sized acts of positivity, each day, add up over time. Like tiny little jewels, these acts of positivity get threaded onto your string of life. And, before you know it, you have a radiant, iridescent, bejeweled necklace that you can wear as armor against pain, suffering and negativity.

All you have to do is decide to do one act of positivity each day, and watch what happens.

Practicing positivity can actually change the structure of your brain. And, the more you practice the art of positivity, the more your brain gravitates to thinking positively rather than negatively.

When I speak about positivity, I’m not just talking about positive thinking. I believe that positivity is more impactful if you do something actively that in turn has a positive outcome.


Here are 10 positivity practices that I do on a regular basis to keep me motivated, inspired and elevated.

1. Accept the present moment and take action

There is something powerful in the act of acceptance. Deciding to accept your reality immediately changes your perception. You no longer argue about who is to blame — the situation simply exists.

Once you accept what has happened, you can then take action to turn your situation around. Taking positive action is the most powerful act you can practice.

For me, I had to accept the fact that I have a chronic illness. I also had to accept the fact that I cannot receive medical treatment for my illness in my own country. This is my reality — I had to accept it.

So, I chose to take radical positive action: I sought medical care in another country, and I changed my diet and lifestyle completely in order to support my recovery.

Acceptance and action have allowed me to regain my life.

2. Talk back to the negative voice within

We all have that terribly critical voice deep inside ourselves. I regularly hear my inner voice shouting out, “you’re not going to recover” or “your life is just going to be shit from here on out”.

When these thoughts happen, I immediately talk back to that inner voice because whatever negative crap it’s spewing is totally untrue. And, I have to remind myself that those thoughts are totally bogus.

The most powerful way to perform this positive practice is to write down the negative thoughts that are swirling around inside your mind. Just divide a piece of paper into two columns, and write down the negative thoughts in the left hand column. Then, in the right hand column, talk back to each negative thought.

For example, if I write, “I’m never going to recover”, right next to that thought I respond with, “Of, course I’m going to recover. I have already regained 80% of my health”.

This process of talking back to your negative thoughts slowly changes the structure of your brain, and you being to have fewer and fewer toxic brain chatter.

3. Surround yourself with supportive, positive friends and family

Positivity is infectious. And for that reason, I surround myself with the most loving, compassionate, inspiring, supportive, positive people that I know. And in that process, I no longer let negative, pessimistic, critical people into my zone.

If you have someone else in front of you, regularly, practicing the art of positivity, it will encourage you to do the same.

4. Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude can instantaneously create a positive mood. I like to write down what I’m grateful for. And, yes, the list can be very similar each time. But repetition is fine. In fact, repetition is perfect. Reminding yourself, over and over again, of what gifts you have in your life right now changes your state of mind.

Gratitude lightens your heart, and it allows you to discover the tiny, little miracles in your life.

5. Focus in on love and compassion

You are exactly where you need to be. You are perfect just the way you are — don’t change a thing. You deserve to love yourself and to be loved.

Being compassionate to yourself and those around you develops a field of positive energy that heals and cultivates happiness. And, we all want more happiness in our lives, right?

Be gentle with yourself.

6. Be mindful of your words

Words are powerful. Words can hurt or heal. Before you say anything to yourself or someone else, just take a breath and think about what your words will do. Are your words inspiring, elevating, encouraging, supportive or compassionate? If not, think of some new words.

7. Stop watching negative media

Watching, listening or reading the news can be very stressful. And, I don’t know about you, but some stories stay with me for days — they haunt me.

Because of the effect of negative news on my daily life, I decided to stop watching, reading and listening to the news. I got rid of my cable; I canceled my newspaper subscription.

When you are battling to keep a glimmer of positivity in your life, I believe you have to take serious action to safeguard yourself from negativity. And, for me, negative news stories were no longer welcome.

8. Say affirmations in the mirror

This may seem really strange, but it works! Saying affirmations outloud while looking at yourself in a mirror takes positive thinking to a whole new level.

This practice engages the sense of hearing and seeing. You hear yourself saying the affirmation, and you see yourself saying the affirmation. Engaging these senses solidifies the new positive thought in the brain, and the affirmation about yourself becomes a memory.

Try saying some of these affirmations outloud while looking at yourself in a mirror:

      • I know that I am healing
      • I am healthy, healed and whole
      • success comes to me with every door I open
      • I attract prosperity with all of my ideas

9. Help other people

When you’re standing in the rain, let someone else stand under your umbrella, too.

Helping other people, who are in a similar situation as you, can be very uplifting. It can also remind you that you are not alone in your struggle. Being of service not only makes you feel like you have value, but it also enhances your self-esteem, which increases your long-term happiness.


10. Hug someone

Physiologically, a hug is simply magical. Getting a good ol’ squeeze can raise your oxytocin level, which will make you feel less lonely, angry and isolated. Hugs can also increase your serotonin level, making you feel happier.

Hugs improve immune system function, and they decrease anxiety by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.

We all need more hugs in my books.

How do you stay positive? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Photos: Camdiluv and Mitya Ku

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8 Comments on “How to Stay Positively Positive

  1.  by  somi

    I just can say: your tips are incredibly great and they are really practical tips for discarding negative thinking… thank you so much

    •  by  admin

      Thanks so much, Somi! I love to discover new tips & tricks, since practicing positivity is so important. Keep on shining!

  2.  by  Nilay

    Thanks Alison sharing is caring!!
    I believe in positive thought forming and help others to practise the same in my profession.

    I read every day positive affirmations from different spiritual circles and one of them sends me daily email called Brahma Kumaris. -the food for thought-

    I study Kabbalah to learn to be proactive rather reactive . If people pushes my buttons instead of getting angry with them I wish their well being and put them in my healing meditations within my Kabbalah community in Shabbat mornings, as collective healing circle .
    I practise yoga,meditation and positive visualisation.

    If I get slightly stressed out than I make Stress Reliever juice with green apples , a bunch of spinach,cucumber,celery,lemon and ginger. I also put stressful thoughts on the paper than get rid off it

    I listen all different type of music and love dancing.

    Peace -Love and Light

    •  by  admin

      Nilay, thank you so much for sharing how you practice positivity. Not only do you tackle how your mind is reacting to negativity, you also feed your body with nutrients to help you to battle against it as well. You are fabulous! xoxo

    •  by  admin

      I hear you, Marianne! I’m still learning, too : ) I’m always looking for new techniques. xoxo

  3.  by  Shany Biran

    Great list Alison! I’m also starting the ‘gratitude jar’ you suggested in a previous post.

    I have one idea to share in the vein of ‘the power of words’.

    I’ve started replacing the thought of ‘accepting’ the now or myself with the word ‘approving’. For me that word just gives an extra kick (or ‘oomph’ if you will) towards active loving kindness.

    Keep shining the light,

    •  by  admin

      Today, I had to upgrade to a larger gratitude jar : ) Too many lovely things happen each and every day!
      Shining my light, right back at cha’! Thanks so much for your comments — you rock.

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