How Juicing Can Recharge Your Health


~ I never knew what I was missing until I started juicing ~

Seven years ago I contracted a serious condition called Lyme disease. It took 5 years to get diagnosed, and by that time my body was spent. I was no longer able to function.

I road my couch, and I rarely left my house. I was merely existing rather than living.

To regain my health and battle back to the girl I used to be, I knew that I had to make a radical change. I knew that recovery was going to be difficult. And I knew that I had to take action.

I could no longer put food into my body that was going to slow or prevent me from healing.

No more Twinkies for me. No more cake for dinner. I decided to support my medical treatment with the most kick-ass, body transforming, soul inspiring, life overhauling, food as thy medicine, diet.

I became a wellness warrior.

I discovered that one of the most powerful ways to saturate your body with the nutrients it needs to heal is juicing. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices contain live enzymes, bioactive vitamins, minerals and trace minerals.

These elements help the cells of the body to absorb nutrients, excrete waste and trigger the process of healing.

Since I had Lyme disease, I knew that my body was being bombarded with life-sucking bacteria. And that bacteria was producing a great deal of toxic waste, and it was acidifying my body.

Juicing, along with a long list of other diet and lifestyle changes, helped me to rebuild my body and to build a foundation for recovery.

Juicing also helped me to alkalize my body, which kick-started my journey back to the land of the living.


How did you start juicing?

I did a little bit of juicing before I got sick and had to get serious about it. My favorite juice was carrot, apple and ginger. In my house, that juice was known as “Get Better Juice”.

If my Love or I felt the least bit of a cold coming on, we would rev-up our terrible, craptastic juicer, and make “Get Better Juice”. It worked, every time.

What kind of juicer do you use?

Now that I’m serious about juicing, I use an Omega-8006. I was so shocked when I first used the Omega juicer. My old juicer was an epic failure. It hardly extracted the juice from a carrot. Instead, it would leave a wet, soppy sludge behind.

The Omega juicer, on the other hand, extracts almost every last drop of juice from any fruit or veggie. Which makes juicing so much more cost effective.

To get an 8 oz juice, I don’t have to use as many fruits and veggies as I used to.


What is your favorite juice recipe?

At the moment, I have a very low sugar diet. I don’t even consume fruit, except for a few apples here and there.

Because of that, my daily juices tend to be of the low-sugar variety. Right now, my favorite is cucumber, romaine lettuce and parsley. It’s so gorgeously green!

How does juicing make you feel?

Juicing makes me feel alive. After having a super green juice, my mind awakens. I think more clearly, and I’m so vibrant that I can’t help but put on my favorite music and have my very own private living room dance party!

Juicing is one of the things that has brought me back to life. And I’m grateful.

shot glasses with effect

Two juice recipes just for you!

Get Better Juice:

  • 2 carrots
  • 2 red apples
  • A one-inch cube of fresh ginger root

The Daily Green:

  • ½ cucumber
  • 5 romaine lettuce leaves
  • A handful of parsley with the stems

Green-up your life and start juicing! Your body will love you for it.

Photo Credit: usestangerines and stevendepolo and Breville USA

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4 Comments on “How Juicing Can Recharge Your Health

  1.  by  Danette Whelan

    I love juicing, too! And I happen to mention juicing as an immune system booster on my latest post. I’m in remission from Lyme so now I’m detoxing and improving my immune system in general. I’m looking for a new juicer so I take it you recommend the Omega 8006?

    One of my favorite juices is called a liver flush – I beet, handful of dandelion and a green apple. You should try it some time!

    Thanks for sharing!

    •  by  admin

      Wow, Danette! It’s wonderful to hear that you are in remission. That’s very exciting! Kudos to you for concentrating on detoxing and improving your immune system. That’s my daily mission as well.

      I love the Omega-8006, but there are also similar models with different price points as well (8003, 8004 & 8005). I like this model series because the components are so incredibly easy to clean. I have had a centrifugal (round shaped) juicer before, and it took ages to wash. You probably use a juicer several times a day, so I would definitely recommend an Omega 8003, 4, 5 or 6.

      Thanks for sharing the recipe! Liver detox juices are fabulous!

  2.  by  Shany Biran

    Great Post! Beautifully put together and I love the ‘self interview’ style.
    I know some people who had the long nightmare that precedes a lyme disease diagnosis. Can you share how you finally got diagnosed?

    Also how do you test your acidity? Is this something we should routinely be asking our doctors for when getting blood tested for fatigue symptoms?


    •  by  admin

      Thanks for the props, Shany! Discovering that I have Lyme Disease is a bit of a story, so I’ll direct you to my About page, where I tell all ( My story involves being in the right place at the right time, eavesdropping on a conversation, and receiving a sprinkle of serendipity.

      Now onto your question about acidity. There are two options to test acidity (acidity = inflammation). You can purchase a litmus paper testing kit, and test your urine first thing in the morning. The colour change in the litmus paper corresponds to an acidity scale that comes with the kit. The second option is to get a C-reactive protein (CRP) blood test. The level of CRP will tell you how much inflammation is in the body.

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