Grrrr…I’ve Been Greenwashed!


For the last two years, I’ve transitioned almost all of my household and beauty products into natural products. From toothpaste to dishwashing soap, I have found some truly amazing natural products — that even work better than the chemical laden crap.

One of the first beauty products that I changed to a natural product was my shampoo and conditioner. I started using Live Clean – a fabulous smelling natural hair care line, sold in mainstream drug stores like Shopper’s Drugmart.

Then, I got it in my head that I really wanted a natural shampoo that smelled like coconuts. I love the smell of coconut; but I couldn’t find a natural shampoo with that scent, until I walked into Shopper’s drugmart to pick-up some Live Clean and I spotted Organix Coconut Shampoo. A product that had ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ written all over it.

I was thrilled! It was exactly what I was looking for. And since it was displayed right next to the Live Clean that meant that it was a natural product, too.


I went straight home to wash my hair with the Organix shampoo, and I luxuriated in the coconutty smell. It was glorious! I reveled in the exhilaration of finding what I was looking for. (I love a treasure hunt.)

Then, a couple of days later, I popped on line to see what other people were saying about Organix shampoo. And that’s when I discovered that I was GREENWASHED!

Definition: Greenwashed – when a company misleads customers into thinking that their product is green or natural.

Organix haircare products are not green, organic or natural

I was gutted. I felt duped! I was sucked into the vortex of marketing, and I believed that if a product said organic and natural on the packaging then it was telling the truth. How wrong I was!

So, why do you want to avoid mainstream haircare products?

I just don’t want to expose myself to the carcinogenic chemicals in shampoo and conditioners any more. Did you know that haircare products contain

      • parabens
      • phthalates
      • colour pigments
      • synthetic fragrances
      • formaldehyde based chemicals
      • diethanolamine (DEA)
      • monothanolamine (MEA)
      • triethanolamine (TEA)

All of the above are known carcinogens and hormonal disruptors. No thanks! I don’t need any of those.

What are the best natural haircare products that you use?

As I mentioned above, I really love Clean & Clear. But I’m happy to say that I recently found an all natural shampoo and conditioner that smells like coconuts! Yay, for coconuty goodness! It’s by Desert Essence.


Photo Credit: anna_e_linda and galaxies and hurricanes

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