Gluten-Free Wild Salmon Carbonara + 10 Ways to Inspire Exercise

Gluten-Free Carbonara Recipe

We all desire to have a vibrant and healthy life, filled with joyous experience, family, friends, and personal achievements. But, how do we make that happen? Which practices or strategies can we use to invite the things that we want into our lives?

Today, we’re going to focus in on the desire to feel healthy and to cultivate physical wellness through the practices of exercise and healthy eating.

In this article, I’m going to share with you not only 10 ways to inspire the desire to exercise, but I’m also going to share with you a gorgeously healthy recipe for Gluten-Free Wild Salmon Carbonara. This recipe is found within the Catelli® Pasta Boost cookbook, published in celebration of a campaign called Feed the Hope.

For the Feed the Hope campaign, Catelli® will donate a serving of pasta to a Canadian family in need, each time a person ‘Likes’ the Catelli® Facebook page, or shares the Catelli® Pasta Boost cookbook. If you would like to support the Feed the Hunger campaign, simply pop on over to the Catelli® Facebook page.

Eating healthfully is definitely one way to assure physical wellbeing, but moving your body is another crucial key. Are you having a hard time getting motivated to exercise? Well…here are 10 strategies to help you find the inspiration to get up and getting moving.

Gluten-Free Carbonara Recipe

10 Ways to Inspire the Desire to Exercise

1. Set a Solid Intention

Making a decision to start something new must begin with the establishment of a strong intention. Change is really difficult, and our brain naturally wants to resist change because it equates change with suffering and hard work. An intention is an internal reason for why you have chosen to do something; it’s a description of your innermost desires. An intention is different than a goal. A goal is an external achievement or material possession. Intentions, on the other hand, are what you believe will happen by achieving a particular goal. Intentions are the core of what you truly want, and they are the fuel to your fire. A powerful intention will help you to fight through the feelings of resistance. And, when it comes to exercise, a clear intention will help you to stay motivated, and it will stop you from giving-up.

Task: Ask yourself, ‘If I’m going to set a goal of sweating at least 4-days a week, what do I really want out of it?’ Do you want to feel empowered, stronger, vibrant, sexy, or alive? Remember, losing weight is not an intention; it’s a goal that propels you towards your intention. Write down your true intention, and tape it to your fridge. Read it every day to remind yourself why you have set your exercise goal.

2. Schedule It, Baby!

If you don’t schedule it, it won’t happen — plain and simple. All of us can list a myriad of excuses as to why we cannot do what we have to do, or what we want to do. But, in essence, if you schedule it, it will happen.

Task: Transformative changes in body structure and physiology occur because of pure consistency. You don’t have to go to a gym to get results {read why here}.

Schedule in 30-minutes of sweat inducing exercise on 4-days of the week. I recommend exercising on the same days, at the same time, so that your body adapts more easily to the routine change. Consistency will give you results.

3. Make It Loud:

There is nothing better to inspire your body to move than music. Even on the days when I don’t feel like exercising, I just turn-up the dance music, in my livingroom, and the desire to move naturally sets in.

Task: Create a playlist of your favourite dance music tunes, then upload it onto your portable MP3 player or your computer’s music library. Make sure that you have booty shaking music at hand before your workout begins.

4. Lights, Music, Action:

Alter your workout space to your advantage. Turn on every light and lamp that you have — illuminate the space with bright light. Did you know that brightly lit spaces boost feelings of wakefulness, vitality, and mood? Bright light makes your brain come alive.

5. Get Some Beautiful Kicks:

I know this tip is going to sound superficial and weird, but if you’re a lady who loves fashion, some beautiful new running shoes can absolutely spark a desire to exercise. I personally experienced this revelation a couple of weeks ago. There is something about beautiful shoes…you just want to put them on. And, in the case of sneakers, I just want to put them on and start working out.

6. Discover Your Groove Inspiration:

Your groove inspiration is a person who is a prominent member of the fitness world. It’s a person that may make television appearances, release workout DVDs, own their own gym, or have a wonderfully engaging website, blog, and YouTube channel. Find someone that has a powerful message that you connect with, and someone who is promoting a form of fitness that is engaging to you. Personally, I love Tracy Anderson and her Metamorphosis program. Tracy is my groove ambassador, and she keeps me inspired to exercise from home, 5-days a week. Who is your groove inspiration?

7. Get Recruiting:

Snag a friend, family member, or neighbour, and mutually commit to meeting-up to sweat for 30-60 minutes, one day per week — no matter what. Joining forces with a friend is not only a great motivator, but it also helps you to overcome resistance by getting someone else to hold you accountable. That friend will rely on you to keep your promise of showing up. I personally love meeting-up with my neighbour to play tennis every Saturday — it’s free and it’s fun.

8. Take a Picture; It’ll Last Longer:

If your brain doesn’t see first hand evidence that change is occurring, it will convince you that change isn’t happening at all. So, if you are embarking on a renewed commitment to exercising at least 4-days per week (remember, only for 30-minutes a day), take a picture of yourself with your cellphone, before you start, then in 6-week increments thereafter. Keep the images private. You can use a cellphone app to create a collage. Place the before and after images side by side in a collage. Trust me, this practice is way more powerful than simply getting on a scale. You need to visually see transformation in order to disprove the negative things that your brain is telling you, and it totally works.

9. Variety is the Spice of Life:

Anyone can fall off the exercise wagon simply because their workout routine bores them to death. I recommend switching it up, weekly. Choose a program that alters your workout routine and modifies your intensity level. Personally, I’m working through a program that has 27 levels: I progress through each level, weekly, so my workout routine changes frequently. I don’t let boredom set-in because it’s deadly to motivation.

10. Treat Yo’ Self:

On your journey to fulfilling your true intention to feel empowered, strong, free, or sexy, you need to accomplish some small, incremental goals along the way. You may set a goal of exercising 4-days in a week, or eating a healthy dinner, 7-days in a row. At the end of each goal, don’t forget to give yourself a reward. Rewarding yourself triggers the release of a neurotransmitter called, dopamine. Dopamine gives us the feeling of pleasure, motivation, and energized vitality. You can trigger the release of dopamine by accomplishing a short-term goal, followed by receiving a reward like a smoothie, some chocolate, a new lipstick, or indulging in Gluten-Free Wild Salmon Carbonara (the recipe link is below).

Task: Set a short-term (1-week or less) exercise or healthy eating goal. Follow that accomplished goal with a small reward. Continue the practice of setting weekly goals to achieve, followed by a small reward. This will motivate you to keep moving toward your ultimate intention.

Gluten-Free Carbonara Recipe

Gluten-Free Wild Salmon Carbonara Recipe

** Important Instructions: For this recipe, make sure that you use 35% cream, instead of 10%. I also added the tomatoes, salmon, and peas right at the end. And, if you’re adding in the egg yolks, make sure that you cool down your cream, first! Click here to get the recipe from the Catelli® Pasta Boost cookbook.You can find gluten-free Catelli® pastas right alongside the traditional pasta, in most grocery stores across Canada.**

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  2.  by  Arianna

    Alison – the pasta looks delicious! Going to try that this weekend 🙂 I love your ideas to inspire the desire to exercise. I bought a pair of pink New Balance sneakers earlier this year and they make me want to move. Every time I look at my feet they remind me to have fun and get moving which is when my body feels its best. Probably why I love being active and have a long involvement in sport.

    •  by  admin

      Arianna…this is turning out to be very interesting, indeed! So many fellow ladies really connect with the idea of having fabulous sneakers to motivate them to get moving. I love it! You’re one of my peeps for sure : )

  3.  by  Koko

    Alison! This looks absolutely gourmet and soooo yummy! I love your tips too- I do a few of those and they totally help. Especially the new kicks…what is it about new Nikes that makes ya feel so motivated!!

    •  by  admin

      So funny, Koko. I know! I recently retired my 13 year old New Balance sneakers for super gorgeous Sauconys — they make me want to dance!

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