Sugar-Free Chocolate Almond Spread


Ladies & gentlemen…if you are looking for a sugar-free, chocolatey dessert YOU HAVE FOUND IT!

A few months ago I was in my kitchen just jonesing for a lusciously intoxicating chocolate treat. But what are you to do when you live totally sugar-free? I guess, just sit there and suffer?

Well…I’m not into suffering. I’m into experimenting! (I’m a scientist after all.)


Of course, I could have made my go-to quick-fix: sugar-free hot chocolate; but I wanted something with more chocolatey punch. I wanted Nutella slathered on golden brown toast!

In my former years, I have been known to eat half a container of Nutella, spread over a french baguette, while watching some serious British period dramas (one of my passions). But those days are over, thanks to Lyme disease and new found food allergies.

So…I had to crack my imagination open, and come up with a sugar-free Nutella clone.

After only 3 trial & errors, I found the perfect combination of chocolate, vanilla and sugary sweetness — without using sugar! And, the chocolatey treat is perfect spread over a nicely toasted brown rice wrap by Food For Life.

I’m so happy to share my sugar-free discovery with you. Enjoy, lovely!


Sugar-Free Chocolate Almond Spread
Prep time

Total time


This is a great alternative to nutella, without all the sugar.
Serves: 1

  • 3 heaping tbsp of organic unsweetened almond butter
  • 2 heaping tbsp of raw cocoa powder or any sugar-free cocoa powder (like Fry’s)
  • 1 tsp of organic vanilla powder (ground vanilla pods) or vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp of olive oil
  • 20-25 drops of vanilla liquid stevia (I use NuNaturals alcohol free liquid vanilla stevia)

  1. In a small bowl combine the almond butter and cocoa powder, first. Using a fork is useful.
  2. Add the vanilla powder and stevia.
  3. Smooth the chocolate spread over a toasted brown rice wrap. Or…if you eat sugar, dip strawberries, apples or bananas into the chocolatey treat.


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5 Comments on “Sugar-Free Chocolate Almond Spread

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  4.  by  Dee

    I would rather use a more natural sugar (honey, maple syrup, etc.). How can I adjust the recipe for the almond spread and the vegan chocolate pudding to eliminate the stevia? Many thanks. D.

    •  by  admin

      Hi Dee : ) I definitely think it would be an easy switch. For the chocolate spread add two tsp of honey or maple syrup, instead of the stevia. I think adding this type of liquid natural sweetener would be a good thing…it will make the spread more spreadable. And, for the chocolate pudding, add 1 tbsp of honey or maple syrup. For both of the desserts, however, give them a taste to see if they’re sweet enough for you. Enjoy!

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