My Top 3 Favorite Sugar-Free Breads + VLOG

Sugar-Free Bread Options

This week, I want to get a little bit more practical, and show you what my top 3 favorite sugar-free bread products are. When a person makes a decision to start stepping away from sugar, more often than not, they begin to worry about having to give up bread all together.

It is true that most bread products will have be left behind — especially white bread products because they are made of white refined flour, and they easily turn into sugar in the body, once metabolized. But, there are other options, rather than white bread. And, there some fabulous rustic, whole grain, sugar-free breads on the market that you can use for sandwiches and toast.

When living sugar-free, you don’t have deprive yourself. In fact, why would you want to deprive yourself? You can still enjoy hot chocolate, chocolate spread, waffles, lemonade, and so many other desserts, without indulging in sugar. Natural vanilla liquid stevia has made living sugar-free so much easier, and you don’t have to live your life without the taste of sweetness. My favorite brand is NuNaturals alcohol-free vanilla liquid stevia.

Sweetness after all is one of the five types of taste. There is no reason why you should have to give up one of the tastes just to live sugar-free.

Now, let’s get back to bread. Here are my top 3 favorite sugar-free bread products on the market. They are the products that I can’t live without. You can watch the video below to see each product up close and personal.

1. Mary’s Organic Crackers — When this product hit the market, I felt like I had hit the jackpot. I had been living gluten-free for 7-years by that point, but once I transitioned into living sugar-free as well, it was difficult to find a cracker product that didn’t contain either white refined rice flour or sugar. Mary’s Crackers are really crunchy, and they’re filled with whole, gluten-free grains and seeds. Of course, they are found in almost all grocery stores now, but the best price is through Costco. You can buy one large box from Costco, which contains the equivalent of 4 single boxes, for the price of one single box in your local grocery store. I like to stock up on these crackers when I swoop into Costco every 6-months. This cracker is very versatile: I used them to make nachos last night, instead of using corn chips, which I’m allergic to. You can also use them to scoop sandwich filling. Sometimes I don’t feel like a sandwich with bread; instead, I fill a bowl with sandwich filling and scoop it out with Mary’s Crackers.

2. Food for Life Brown Rice Tortillas — I can’t live without these sugar-free, gluten-free Food for Life wraps. I use them for quesadillas, quick pizzas, sandwich wraps, and if toasted, I like to spread them with sugar-free chocolate spread, or break them into crackers to scoop hummus or baba ghanoush. You can find these rice wraps in the freezer or refrigerator section of your grocery store. They are usually located in the health food department. They are also at Wholefoods, The Big Carrot (in Toronto), or any other health food grocery store. I store mine in the freezer, and just gently thaw them in my toaster oven on high for 3 minutes. You just want the wrap to become pliable. You definitely don’t want the wrap to dry out — that’s disastrous! Cardboard city. Just gently thaw them. Or toast them until they are golden brown.

3. Little Stream Gluten-Free Bread — Ok…this one is for all of my Canadian peeps. Made in the province of Ontario, Little Stream Bread is a gorgeous yeast-free, sugar-free, gluten-free bread company. Usually when you buy conventional bread products, they will always contain sugar because it’s needed to allow yeast to grow. So, if you buy a yeasted bread, almost always it will also contain sugar: may it be white sugar, honey, molasses, agave, maple syrup, or another form of added sugar. Even gluten-free breads that contain yeast, will contain added sugar (most of the time). When I discovered Little Stream Bread, I was so excited. It’s hard to find a sugar-free bread, and I’m a toast lover! So, I did live without toast for a while (unless I toasted up a Food for Life wrap). My favorite Little Stream breads are: brown rice, quinoa, or cinnamon and raison brown rice loaf. They are found in almost all health food grocery stores across Canada, or if you live in Canada, you can order a dozen¬†online, and the company will mail them to you. I haven’t tried it yet, but if you order a dozen loaves through the mail, you save quite a bit of money on each loaf.

So, there you have it. Exploring the land of sugar-free breads is absolutely¬†doable. You don’t have to live without bread when you are living sugar-free. Visit your local health food grocery store to explore what your options are. And, don’t forget to read your labels! Become a Sugar Sleuth!

Note: for all of my non-gluten-free friends out there, there is another Canadian company that makes wonderful sugar-free breads. They are called Dimpflmeier. You can find Dimpflmeier breads in the bread department or deli counter of your local grocery store.

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