3 Juice Recipes for Immunity, Inflammation & Detoxification

Juice Recipes

One of the best ways to saturate your body with healing nutrients is to start juicing.

I just love to make juice, and I believe that it has played a major role in helping me to recover from serious illness (along with heaps of other holistic and medical practices and treatments).

I started off making juice in a really crapy juicer that I got as a hand-me-down. The machine was down right awful! It hardly extracted juice from fruits and veggies, and it left the soppiest of juice pulps. And, boy was it a pain in the ass to clean! Whoa. It took about 15 minutes to clean the darn circular, mesh net inside the juicer.

But now I use an Omega 8006 — one of the best juicers on the planet (in my opinion). It extracts juice incredibly well, and I’m left with super dry pulp, which I use to make juice pulp muffins.

And, the best part, the Omega 8006 only takes about 1 minute to clean! It’s so easy to clean that I feel compelled to use it multiple times a day.

Today, I thought that I would share with you 3 of my favorite juices. When recovering from any illness, you need to concentrate on building up your immune system, reducing internal inflammation, and detoxifying the body. These juice recipes that I’m sharing with you today, focus on these 3 processes.

Juice Recipes for Immune System by alisonsmith.com

Carrot Apple Ginger Juice Recipe
Get Better Juice is very popular at my house. We whip up a big batch when ever we feel any sniffles coming on. And, it’s a wonderful juice recipe to start with when you are a novice juicer.

Turmeric Zucchini Apple Juice Recipe
If you haven’t tried it yet, you must taste fresh turmeric; it’s amazing! Turmeric, which is a root that looks very much like fresh ginger, has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, as well as anti-cancer properties, too.  This juice recipe surprisingly tastes like mango juice for some reason, and it’s my new favorite juice recipe

Cucumber Lettuce Parsley Juice Recipe
Parsley contains compounds that play an important role in kidney and liver detoxification. And, I personally love the taste of parsley: straight-up or juiced. It is super green, and it contains a power house concentration of vitamins and minerals.

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21 Comments on “3 Juice Recipes for Immunity, Inflammation & Detoxification

  1.  by  Sue

    Hi Allison !
    Thanks for these recipes! I was wondering if it was possible to replace the zucchini with cucumbers…will it drastically vhange the taste of the juice ?

    •  by  admin

      Yes! Switch it up with cucumbers for sure : ) Will it change the taste? Yes…slightly. But it will still taste good and fresh.

  2.  by  MommaC~

    Quick question Alison:
    You wrote that you use the Omega 8006 juicer. Do you juice Wheatgrass and how well does it juice it?

    •  by  admin

      Hi MammaC! Yes, I use the 8006, and I do juice wheatgrass. I pass the grass through the juicer twice, and it does a great job. I end up with a very dry left over pulp. I also use the 8006 to make natural ‘ice cream’ out of frozen fruit : )

  3.  by  Melissa

    Hi…do you use a granny smith apple in the ingredients or a red apple? My holistic doc has me doing carrot juice an told me to add a granny smith per 8oz which tastes great. I didn’t know if certain apples make a difference in flavor or not?

    •  by  admin

      I tend to use red gala apples…just because I prefer the taste. I don’t tend to use green apples, because I’m not a fan. Try a few varieties, and see what you like best : )

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    •  by  admin

      That’s so wonderful that you found fresh turmeric! I was just thinking this morning that I wanted to talk about the zucchini, apple, and turmeric juice in my newsletter, tomorrow. We are in sync today!

    •  by  admin

      I live really close to an Indian grocery store — that’s where I find it. I wonder if it would also be in a place like Wholefoods. Fresh turmeric is so delicious! You must get your hands on some.

        •  by  admin

          You’re in Montreal…how fabulous! Bonjour from Toronto! When you go to your local Indian grocery, if you don’t see the turmeric immediately (it looks similar to ginger root), just ask the shop manager. It’s a common Indian ingredient, so perhaps they can get it in the shop for you : )

  5.  by  Rika Susan

    Hi Alison! Saw your comment on Derek Halpern’s site and decided to visit!:-) I love your juice recipes above, but most of all I admire you for your attitude! Congratulations on your recovery. I know it took a lot of determination and hard work.

    I believe that, while we can’t always choose our circumstances, we can ALWAYS choose our reaction to them. I have been housebound with very debilitating ME or CFS for 34 years. You are welcome to pop over to my juicing website to read my story. I have a passion for sharing the benefits of veggie juicing and for helping others to live healthier lives. You are an inspiration!

    •  by  admin

      Wow, Rika! You made my day, beautiful! Thank you so much for all of your kind words — they really do mean so much to me. You are bang-on…we get to choose how we react to our circumstances : ) Keep on shining, and keep on fighting! I’m going to your website right now. Hugs xoxo

    •  by  admin

      Tania! Thank you so much for dropping me a note : ) If you happen to be on Instagram, take some pics of your juices and tag me (alisonsmithtv) I would love to see what juices you create. Get your juice on, girl!

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