Crawford Street Skin Care: Lemon Deodorant Cream. Simply Amazing.


It’s the hot, dog-days of summer. And, I don’t know about you, but I’m sweating up a storm. Which brings me to my numero uno problem — stinky pits!

Stinky pit syndrome has been an on-going issue for me, ever since I decided to go el natural and wear only natural deodorants.

I’m slowly weening myself off of all chemical cleaners and cosmetics — no one needs nasty chemicals on or in them in my opinion. But, I must say, finding a natural deodorant has been crazy difficult. That is…until now!


I’m happy to report that I’ve found the most amazing, most powerful, most long-lasting natural deodorant on the market: Crawford Street Skin Care’s Lemon Deodorant Cream.

Crawford Street Skin Care is a relatively new natural body product business, based out of Toronto, Canada. They don’t have a store front but they do sell their products in local shops around Toronto, and you can buy their products online, too.

I discovered Crawford Street as I was scouring the net for….you guess it: natural deodorant products. I skipped on over to The Big Carrot — my local natural grocery store, and quickly bought someĀ Crawford Street Skin Care’s Lemon Deodorant Cream. I thought, ‘what do I have to lose?’

I immediately went home to try the ‘new find’. I opened the jar, and was euphorically hit in the face with the most gorgeous smell! As I blended in a small amount of the cream into my freshly washed pits, the loveliest, lemony, herbal scent wafted toward my nose.

This natural deodorant made my armpits smell like lemon pie!

Of course, I had to go up stairs and make my man smell my pits! I couldn’t get over how amazing this product smelled, and he agreed.

The real test arrived in early July, when the worst heat-wave hit the city. I was sweating up a storm, while hold-up in my house without any air conditioning. I found that I needed to apply the deodorant twice, daily. Which I didn’t mind — I just love opening up the jar! I love any excuse to put more Lemon Deodorant Cream on.


So, here’s the deal…if you’re on the hunt for an effective natural deodorant, look no further! Just buy two pots of Crawford Street Skin Care’s Lemon Deodorant Cream, and that should do you for a year. You only need to apply a small amount to get the powerful, lemony, deodorizing effects.

Say good-bye to nasty chemical deodorants and hello to Crawford Street Skin Care’s Lemon Deodorant Cream! You’ll love it.

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