How to Stay Positively Positive


Refocusing and recommitting to practicing the act of positivity is crucial when you’re on the path to reclaiming vibrant health and soul satisfying happiness.

I recommit myself, each morning, with this affirmation: Positivity is healing and inspiring, so let’s be positive.

But how on earth do you stay positive when … read more...

Collage 2

Recovering from a chronic illness requires a mindset that propels you forward, encourages you to fight-the-fight, keeps your eye on the prize, and reminds you to have love and compassion for yourself. Because the days are filled with repetitive, mundane rituals designed to build a strong and stable foundation of … read more...

How Juicing Can Recharge Your Health


~ I never knew what I was missing until I started juicing ~

Seven years ago I contracted a serious condition called Lyme disease. It took 5 years to get diagnosed, and by that time my body was spent. I was no longer able to function.

I road my couch, …

Why Gluten Is Not My Friend

Gluten Free Zone

I used to suffer from the worst abdominal pain. It was unrelenting.

Day in and day out, the lower left corner of my belly would just burn. Nothing would sooth the fiery inferno that was my intestine.

Passing gas didn’t work; having a good ol’ poop didn’t work; using a … read more...