Managing Psoriatic Arthritis Like a Pro

Managing Psoriatic Arthritis Naturally by

Receiving a diagnosis for a chronic illness is one of the scariest experiences of a lifetime. After years of literally taking your health for granted, your whole world can be suspended in that moment of shock, and for some people, it’s really difficult to emerge from that paralyzed state. There … read more...

Dealing with #multiplesclerosis interview with Robyn Baldwin on

I first met, Robyn, at a private, round-table event, at the CanFitPro Conference, here in Toronto this past summer. The meeting revolved around what it was like to run an online wellness business & blog. I was one of the speakers, so I took a few minutes to explain to … read more...

Treating Autoimmune Disease

Chances are you know someone suffering from an autoimmune disorder, or you have one yourself. Approximately, 23.5 million Americans, and 2 million Canadians, have this type of condition, and the numbers are climbing.

Since, autoimmune disorders are one of the top 10 causes of death in the female population, I … read more...

The Best Way to Buy Health Recharging Food

Purchasing Raw Food on a Budget

The doorbell rang late yesterday afternoon. When I swung open the front door, I was greeted by my local postman who was clutching what looked to be a very heavy box.

The weight of the package was confirmed when he exclaimed, before even saying hello, “what is in this box!”… read more...

Day 2

I wanted to do something to bring people together. Something that not only promoted health and vitality but also promoted community, support and fun…we all need more fun in our lives, right? Yes, absolutely!

So, I decided to host a 21-Day Juicing Challenge, and ask participants to post pictures … read more...

5 Reasons Why Sugar Is A Sweet Poison


When I think of big, swanky parties, for some reason my mind is catapulted back to another era. I start envisioning a 1950s scene: beautiful women in beautiful taffeta dresses, dapper men in slim fitting suits sipping cocktails; and, happy kids, immaculately dressed, running around a table piled high with … read more...

How to Start Juicing Infographic

Infographic Half

This week, I’m talking all about how to start juicing: one of the most powerful ways to recharge your health. One of the most frequent questions I get is, ‘how do I start juicing?’

Well…to celebrate my love of juicing, and to answer your question, I’ve created my very first … read more...

Top 3 Reasons to Avoid GMO Foods



I don’t know about you, but GMO foods give me the creeps. What is a GMO food, you may ask? Well… it’s a food created in a laboratory by the process of merging the genetic information from two different species. For example, the genetic information from a bug-killing herbicide … read more...

Why Gluten Is Not My Friend

Gluten Free Zone

I used to suffer from the worst abdominal pain. It was unrelenting.

Day in and day out, the lower left corner of my belly would just burn. Nothing would sooth the fiery inferno that was my intestine.

Passing gas didn’t work; having a good ol’ poop didn’t work; using a … read more...

Iced Coconut Chaga Tea Shake


This week’s recipe is inspired by Thursday’s blog post on Chaga mushroom.

The most popular way to consume Chaga is by making a tea from ground Chaga powder. You can buy Chaga powder from the health food store. But, instead, I choose to find my own wild Chaga. I store … read more...