My favorite healthy shops in my Toronto neighbourhood by

I live in a small, Toronto neighbourhood known as the Gerrard India Bazaar. It’s also called Little India, and it only takes up a couple of blocks. The main drag is home to colourful, pastel buildings, bright graffiti murals, and mostly South Asian restaurants, grocery stores, and clothing shops.

When …

How to quit sugar

The last 4-years have buzzed by so quickly that I feel as if I’ve just sat in a Delorean, programmed in August 2015, and hit the gas pedal — waiting for the flux capacitor to kick in.

My present day is so vastly different than my life even 4-years ago.… read more...

How Much Water Should I Drink?

I think I’m a camel.

I can go for days without thinking about drinking a glass of plain, straight-up water. But ask me to go a day without drinking a cup of black tea, sweetened with vanilla stevia and a splash of organic milk, and I would nearly implode.

Who …

The Best Way to Buy Health Recharging Food

Purchasing Raw Food on a Budget

The doorbell rang late yesterday afternoon. When I swung open the front door, I was greeted by my local postman who was clutching what looked to be a very heavy box.

The weight of the package was confirmed when he exclaimed, before even saying hello, “what is in this box!”… read more...

Your Beautiful Brain Deserves Beautiful Food

Plain Brain

You walk into your local grocery store, and what do you see? Aisle upon aisle of food in boxes; food in packages, wrappers, containers and bottles. Aisle upon aisle of processed and packaged food.

We push our carts up and down these aisles, scrutinizing the brands, wondering what to buy. … read more...


Living gluten-free, corn-free, yeast-free and sugar-free pretty much means that you’re definitely NOT eating any kind of packaged snack food.

No twinkies for you, honey!

Every time I casually pick-up a package, thinking that I had finally found a snack food that I can actually eat, I’m shot down once … read more...

Why Gluten Is Not My Friend

Gluten Free Zone

I used to suffer from the worst abdominal pain. It was unrelenting.

Day in and day out, the lower left corner of my belly would just burn. Nothing would sooth the fiery inferno that was my intestine.

Passing gas didn’t work; having a good ol’ poop didn’t work; using a … read more...