The Unconventional Vegan Baked Potato

Vegan Baked Potato Recipe

I just love baked potatoes. I love their simplicity, taste, comforting feeling, and crispy skin. I love how you can pile almost anything on top: they’re just so darn versatile.

Now, the traditional way to eat a baked potato, at least it’s the traditional way in Canada, is to slather … read more...

Gluten-Free Kale Pasta With Dill Pesto

Dill Pesto Recipe

I had a giant bunch of fresh dill just sitting in my refrigerator, and I had no idea what to do with it. I typically only use fresh dill when I make salmon — it’s lovely mixed with Greek yogurt, which I use as a sauce when salmon graces my … read more...

Alison Smith First Film Shoot

I thought that it would be fun to give you a sneak peek behind-the-scenes here at Big things are happening, and I want you to be in the know. And, besides, isn’t it fun to see what happens behind the curtain?

For the last month, I’ve been in full … read more...

Gluten-Free Blueberry Scone Recipe

Hold onto your horses, my gluten-free friends. This week, I’m revealing my recipe for Blueberry High Tea Scones. And, guess what…the recipe doesn’t contain any added sugar, either.


I was living scone-free for about 8-years, until a couple of weeks ago, when I decided to take the plunge, and … read more...

Vanilla Spiced Almond Milk

Vanilla Spiced Almond Milk Recipe

I used to buy cartons of unsweetened almond milk. That was, until, I discovered that all of the almond milk brands added oil or thickeners to their milk.

I really don’t understand why all of our food has to be so adulterated, all the time!

There’s absolutely no reason to …

Kale Kapow! Salad With Tahini Dressing

Kale Kapow Salad With Tahini Dressing Recipe

I love kale.

Give it to me any which way: kale chips, sauteed with mushrooms, in a soup, in a fresh juice — just give me all the kale you’ve got!

I think I’m so drawn to kale because of it’s deep green colour. I love to ‘green-up’ every meal … read more...

Vegan Coconutty Curry With Rice Noodles

Vegan Coconut Curry Recipe

This week, I was totally craving rice noodles — something I haven’t had in years. When I went totally sugar-free almost 3-years ago, I also had to give up white rice products, since they convert to sugar in the body, easily. So, that was the end of rice noodles for … read more...

Self-Love Part 2

You wear guilt like shackles on your feet…like a halo in reverse.
~ Halo by Depeche Mode ~

Do you have your Self-Love sword ready? Because it’s time for Part II of our Self-Love strategy series. We are continuing our mission to saying YES to feeding our mind, body, and … read more...

Kaleidoscope Salad

I have been living in the midst of winter for 5-months now. And, I think I’ve officially had it. I need a Wintervention!

To offset how freakin’ cold it is outside, I thought I would make my Kaleidoscope Salad, and share it with you. It’s filled with brightly coloured greens … read more...

Strategies for Self-Love

Lend your voices only to sounds of freedom.
No longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from.
Fill your lives with love and bravery, and you shall lead a life uncommon.
Jewel, Life Uncommon

In the quite moments of the day, when you have time … read more...