How to Make RAW Brown Rice Milk

How to make raw BR milk

I love to experiment in the kitchen, and this week’s experiment turned out wonderfully!

Are you on the hunt for a dairy alternative? One that doesn’t contain fat or added sugar? Well…here it is!

It is so simple to make RAW brown rice milk, right in the comfort of your … read more...

How to Stay Positively Positive


Refocusing and recommitting to practicing the act of positivity is crucial when you’re on the path to reclaiming vibrant health and soul satisfying happiness.

I recommit myself, each morning, with this affirmation: Positivity is healing and inspiring, so let’s be positive.

But how on earth do you stay positive when … read more...

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Recovering from a chronic illness requires a mindset that propels you forward, encourages you to fight-the-fight, keeps your eye on the prize, and reminds you to have love and compassion for yourself. Because the days are filled with repetitive, mundane rituals designed to build a strong and stable foundation of … read more...

Sugar-Free Chocolate Almond Spread


Ladies & gentlemen…if you are looking for a sugar-free, chocolatey dessert YOU HAVE FOUND IT!

A few months ago I was in my kitchen just jonesing for a lusciously intoxicating chocolate treat. But what are you to do when you live totally sugar-free? I guess, just sit there and suffer?… read more...

Top 3 Reasons to Avoid GMO Foods



I don’t know about you, but GMO foods give me the creeps. What is a GMO food, you may ask? Well… it’s a food created in a laboratory by the process of merging the genetic information from two different species. For example, the genetic information from a bug-killing herbicide … read more...


Living gluten-free, corn-free, yeast-free and sugar-free pretty much means that you’re definitely NOT eating any kind of packaged snack food.

No twinkies for you, honey!

Every time I casually pick-up a package, thinking that I had finally found a snack food that I can actually eat, I’m shot down once … read more...


Living gluten-free, corn-free, sugar-free, and practically dairy-free to boot can make breakfast time a little bit of a mystery.

I used to find myself asking, “what on earth am I going to eat for breakfast?”

Until, that is, I came up with this amazingly delicious and nutritious recipe for red … read more...

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As a thank you to all of my new readers, I have written a FREE ebook called Recharge Your Body: 52 Smoothie & Juice Recipes. Get your very own copy, delivered straight to your inbox, by entering your name and email address here. There is one new and exciting … read more...

Grrrr…I’ve Been Greenwashed!


For the last two years, I’ve transitioned almost all of my household and beauty products into natural products. From toothpaste to dishwashing soap, I have found some truly amazing natural products — that even work better than the chemical laden crap.

One of the first beauty products that I changed … read more...


Sweet, yet tangy, this recipe is one of the most popular in our house. We call it “The Mixture”.

Served with organic Mary’s Crackers, this recipe is a fabulous alternative to making a sandwich. Just use the crackers to scoop up the mixture, and you have one of the most … read more...