The Best Way to Break-Up With Sugar & Finally Feel Good Again: FREE Video Series

Break Free From Sugar FREE Video Series with Alison Smith Ph.D.

We are surrounded by sugar. It’s in almost all of the foods we eat, and it feels nearly impossible to escape. Five years ago, when I had to go sugar-free to help my body through treatment for a chronic illness, I had no idea how I was going to quit. After all, my life was devoted to sugar.

When I was eyeball deep in trying to navigate through the sugar-free world, it took me months to figure out that I actually didn’t have to give up sweetness just because I was living without added sugar, and at the time, fruit. There is a way to quit sugar, and reap all the amazing benefits, without giving up hot chocolate, puddings, and chocolate bars.

Because I know how incredibly difficult and even scary quitting sugar can be, I create a FREE video series called Breaking Free From Sugar. It’s a 3-part series where I show you how to reduce or quit sugar, without feeling deprived. I want to help as many people as possible know that it is possible. You can totally and radically change the way that you look and feel, and help yourself manage a chronic illness, purely by checking the amount of sugar you eat.

I dreamt about making it for a year, and it took 3-months to created, but it’s here! I’m so excited that I get to share what I’ve learned with you, and to make your life easier.

Sugar is sapping away your energy level, forcing you to gain weight, and setting your body up for serious illness down the line. Isn’t time to just break free?

Click here to watch the video series. 

In this series you will learn:

VIDEO #1 — In this video, we discuss the neuroscience behind WHY IT’S SO HARD TO QUIT     SUGAR. Surprisingly it has nothing to do with willpower, and everything to do with your brain.

VIDEO #2 — I reveal the 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES that people make that automatically set them up for failure when they attempt to quit sugar, and the strategies that you can use to be successful, instead.

VIDEO #3 — We discuss the 4 MAJOR IMPACTS that sugar has on your life, and how deciding to break free from sugar radically changes each impact. We will specifically talk about 1) chronic fatigue, 2) weight gain, 3) aging gracefully, and 4) likelihood of developing a chronic illness.

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