There is no better time to start an online business & blog than now.

The only question is…how do you start?

As a blog & biz coach, I can help you if…

• You want to start an online business, but you have no idea where to start. You have the drive to take action, but you are unclear about what steps to take.

• You want to help clients realize their potential, but you don’t know how to attract clients.

• You have a personal story to share, one that can change the lives of others who are experiencing similar issues, just as you have. 

• You don’t know how to navigate through all of the technology required to run an online business. 

• You have a desire to create e-courses, but you don’t know how to create the components of an e-course, and you don’t know how to provide an online e-course to your clients.

• You want to create e-books, blog posts, magazine articles, videos, and coaching programs, but you are afraid of putting yourself out there.

• You already have a blog, but you now want to convert it into a business.

• You want to build a strong and close-knit tribe, but you don’t know how to attract subscribers, readers, or clients.

• Overall, you feel stuck and afraid. You want to build a successful online business, but you have no idea how to move forward.

• You have a dream, but you don’t know how to attain it. You want to be an entrepreneur and forage your own career path, but you don’t know how to succeed. 

You deserve to have the blog & business that you envision.

ARE YOU READY TO FINALLY SAY YES TO YOUR DESIRE TO CREATE SOMETHING THAT IS ENTIRELY YOURS? Schedule a FREE 20-minute ACTION SESSION with me to discuss how you can start putting your blog and business into reality. Simply email me at with ACTION SESSION in the subject line. We can then schedule a time to meet on the phone or via Skype.

Free 20-min Action Session with

I have a passion for the technical aspects of running a successful and award-winning online blog & business. I love to create e-courses that sell and engaging content that has quickly grown into one of the top 10 health and wellness blogs in Canada.

If you want to create an award-winning blog and business, you are definitely in the right place.

Let my strong points work for you…

• I believe in taking action. Action is the only way forward, and it is what creates success. You can have what you want, you just have to take consistent action to get there.

• I created from the ground-up, myself. I didn’t know what CSS or HTML was before I started, but I’ve learned, and so can you. Building my blog and business, myself, has saved me thousands of dollars in developmental fees.

• I went from being unemployed for 5-years, due to a serious chronic illness, to an entrepreneur. I get to create a business that I absolutely love, and I don’t have to have a traditional 9-5 job ever again. 

• I’m the creator of Sweet Liberation: a web-based cooking show devoted to teaching women how to quit sugar without giving up desserts. This web-series has grown my Google author ranking, traffic, and authority. 

• I have extensive experience creating digital e-courses. I created the components of Sweet Liberation: my 30-day sugar-free coaching program, in addition to university science e-courses, which I still currently teach. (I’m a proud geek; I hold a PhD in neuroscience, and I love techy stuff like digital creation.)

• was voted one of the top 10 health & wellness blogs in Canada in 2014 from AHAA Living; it also received a silver medal for best health & wellness blog from the Canadian Weblog Awards in 2013.

• Within 2-years, attracted thousands of subscribers, ready to reinvent their health through sugar-free, gluten-free, and holistic living. My business is based on my 8-year battle reclaiming my health after contracting Lyme Disease in 2006.

• I created an infographic called How to Start Juicing that went absolutely viral. It’s been shared over 15,000 times. I also host the annual Get Your Juice On: 21-Day Juicing Challenge, that attracts hundreds of subscribers each year. 

• I’ve created 2 very popular e-books on juicing and smoothy creation. Digital book design is another great passion of mine.

• I created heaps of how-to videos for my private coaching programs. I plan and edit the videos myself.

• I am an expert at creating effective media kits to attract brand partnerships (a way to generate a good income through a health blog).

Blog & Biz Coaching with

What skills can I teach you?

• Branding & Messaging. Nothing is more important than establishing what your message is. It is the one thing that your business blossoms from, and it’s imperative to solidify. I will help you to establish what your message is, which will clarify your blog content, brand partnerships, and product development.

• Blog Assessment. I will survey your website to see where improvements can be made in style, content, and communication.

• Technical Savvy. If you are new to blogging, and you are intimidated by the technical-know-how of running an online business, I will help you to understand how to achieve results on your own. (This will save you tons of cash.) Also, learn about the best WordPress plugins to use to help make your blog more efficient.

• e-Course & e-book Creation. I will teach you how to create the components of a comprehensive e-course and e-book.

• Video & Web-Show Creation. You will learn how to create attractive and effective videos for your YouTube channel.

• Social Media Engagement. Learn how to create an extensive social media campaign to attract new leads and subscribers.

• Website Creation. How to create a beautiful website that attracts readers and subscribers.

• Opt-in Creation. How to create an opt-in that attracts subscribers.

• Blog Content. Learn how to create blog content that is in line with your message. Learn how to attract readers to the content that you create.

• Connection. Learn how to secure guest blogging opportunities and interviews. Also, learn how to develop a close support tribe of fellow online business women (connection is priceless!).

• Action Steps. Discover the steps that you can use to stay motivated and on track to achieve your goals.

• Stay Healthy & Inspired. As a coaching client of Alison, you will also have access to health coaching. Learn how diet, meditation, and daily inspirational practices impact your blog and business and contribute to your success.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Just grab ahold of my hand, and I’ll lead the way.
Free 20-min Action Session with

So, what are the specifics? What will our coaching sessions look like?

• There are 3 coaching packages to choose from: gold, silver, and bronze.

The gold package is a 6-month program that includes 12 one-on-one 60-min coaching sessions.

The silver package is a 3-month program that includes 6 one-on-one 60-min coaching sessions.

The bronze package is a 4-week program that includes 2 one-on-one 60-min coaching sessions.

• In addition to coaching sessions, your program will be filled with work assignments, worksheets, tips and tricks videos, and a clear path to achieving your program goals. 

• Every coaching session is held via Skype. It doesn’t matter where you are located; the web is a digital connect dream! All coaching sessions will be 60-minutes. 

• Email support throughout your program, and for 3-weeks after the completion of your program. Email support is crucial to help you to stay on-track and motivated.

• Your coaching program will start with a questionnaire, so that I become acquainted with your desires and goals, and to learn about the business you wish to develop.

• We will create a program strategy together, so that you receive the exact expertise that you require within the coaching time that you purchase. 

• You will also have exclusive access to the Sweet Liberation sugar-free coaching program. Experience Sweet Liberation and see what a successful e-course looks like from the inside out!


How much do your programs cost?

• The Gold Program: Your investment is $325 Canadian per month for 6-months.

• The Silver Program: Your investment is $325 Canadian per month for 3-months.

• The Bronze Program: Your investment is $400 Canadian for 4-weeks.

{Monthly installment plan available upon request.}

Don’t waste anymore time just thinking about starting a blog and business, start NOW! Click the link below to schedule a FREE 20-minute Action Session with me. Just put ‘Action Session’ in the subject line.

Free 20-min Action Session with

About Dr. Alison Smith

Dr. Alison Smith is the founder of a website that teaches women how to reinvent their health through sugar-free and gluten-free living. Schooled by her own 8-year battle with Lyme Disease, Dr. Smith is a passionate advocate of holistic health practices that support chronic illness recovery.

Dr. Smith is the creator of Sweet Liberation: a 40-day, one-on-one coaching program that helps women to kick sugar to the curb without feeling deprived. Sweet Liberation has guided countless women to reinvent their health and concur chronic illness. 

Alison received her doctoral degree in neuroscience from the University of Waterloo, Canada. She is an award-winning academic, health & wellness blogger, and published author. Contact Dr. Smith at to learn how you can create a successful and profitable blog and business, just like her.

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