How to do a Network News & Social Media Detox

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It’s official. I have hit my limit.

After witnessing the results of the 2016 U.S. election, my stress level has reached a point where I have no choice but to address it. I’ve spent the last week grieving over the failed attempt of Hillary Clinton breaking the biggest glass ceiling … read more...

Magnesium Powder to Help You Sleep

It’s 1 am, and like all other nights my 16-year old cat, Fuji, is shouting in the hallway outside my bedroom. Fuji has never had an ‘inside voice’; from kittenhood he’s been the loudest cat I’ve ever met, and in his old age, during the day, he sleeps like a read more...

My Big Book of Lyme Recovery


How Did I Recover From Lyme Disease?

This is a question I’m getting a lot of, lately. There are so many horrific Lyme stories online, and they are all true, but there are also stories of recovery that can workout in the end: like mine.

I’m not the only one …

Shhh…The 5-Day No Complaining Challenge

Shhh...The 5-Day No Complaining Challenge on

I live a very privileged life.

I’ve been able to recover from 8-years of Lyme Disease — that was a crazy challenge; I’m super educated; I’ve never been held back from doing anything just because I’m a girl; I had the best parents on the planet, who let me shape … read more...

Break Free From Sugar FREE Video Series with Alison Smith Ph.D.

We are surrounded by sugar. It’s in almost all of the foods we eat, and it feels nearly impossible to escape. Five years ago, when I had to go sugar-free to help my body through treatment for a chronic illness, I had no idea how I was going to quit. … read more...