5 New Wellness Things to Try


I love to try new things. I’m always on the hunt for something that will ignite the sparks of inspiration or energize me into creativity. Or, just give me a new experience. So, I thought I would send out some things that you might like to try: a spoonful of inspiration, energized creativity or new experiences are always fun; and you never know…there might be something new here that will rock your world!

Number 1Juicing

It’s been a very popular topic on the blog lately. And, if you’re a part of the tribe, you’ve received a copy of my FREE smoothie and juice recipe ebook. But the question is…have you opened the book yet? Have you made a body rockin’ juice yet? To kick off this month in a super fantastic way, I recommend that you try juicing. And, if you don’t have a juicer yet, and you’re really confused on how to start, check out my How to Start Juicing Infographic, and get your juice on! Your body will love you for it.

Number 2Meditation

I can not shout from the roof tops enough about meditation. I just love it! As a neuroscientist I’ve read extensively on the benefits of meditation for brain health but I never actually took the time to learn how to meditate, until last year — and I’m so grateful that I did. I couldn’t imagine my day without it.

Here are some benefits of meditation:

        • it can significantly reduce anxiety and depression
        • it can preserve brain volume and thus reduce the effects of aging
        • it can enhance your ability to focus

Now, before your mind starts to say, ‘no…I can’t meditate. I can’t shut my brain off like that; it’s impossible!’ Take a breath.

There are some really gentle practices available for newbie meditators. I recommend looking into Jon Kabat Zinn’s body scan meditation to start. You can find it on his CD called Guided Mindfulness Meditation. I love to practice this guided meditation, still. And, while you’re at it, pick up a copy of his book: Full Catastrophe Living — it’s a must read!

Number 3Sugar-free Sunday

The average diet is jam packed with sugar — and I’m not talking only about refined white sugar. From squishy bread, potatoes and pasta to maple syrup, agave nectar and honey. There is just so much sugar in the average daily diet. And, it’s not doing your body any favours.

Sugar decreases the pH of the body, which causes internal inflammation. If this state persists, chronic illness and autoimmune disorders can set in. Sugar can also cause bad bacterial overgrowth in the gut, and compromise the immune system. Did you know your gut is one of the most important parts of your beautiful immune system?

So, why not take a sugar break, just for one day this coming month? (Before you attempt this body lovin’ practice, make sure that you have some vanilla liquid stevia in your back pocket — a little hot chocolate with raw chocolate powder and vanilla liquid stevia will help you slay your sugar cravings.)

Number 4Eat something that you’ve never had before

This suggestion is totally inspired by my latest jaunt to a grocery store that I had never been to before. It had the most amazing produce department I have ever seen in Toronto. It’s located in an area that is super, uber multicultural. So, there are fruits and veggies from all over the world that I have never seen before.

Like a kid in a candy shop, I was amazed, and I wanted to try everything! Have you ever had a durian fruit before? Or, maybe, fruits and veggies don’t toot your horn. What about quinoa, millet or basmati brown rice? Have you ever cooked your own chickpeas or black beans instead of opening up a can? Why not try something new?

Number 5Do a yoga class at home

Did you know that there are FREE full length yoga classes available on Youtube? Yep…there are! There is a yogi and fellow Canadian named Dr. Melissa West who posts several new classes each week! She’s been posting these free classes for years. I particularly like how she creates series of classes based upon ancient Indian teachings and stories.

I love to get my yoga on at home, and you might like it, too. Here’s the link to Namaste Yoga.

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