5 Reasons Why Sugar Is A Sweet Poison


When I think of big, swanky parties, for some reason my mind is catapulted back to another era. I start envisioning a 1950s scene: beautiful women in beautiful taffeta dresses, dapper men in slim fitting suits sipping cocktails; and, happy kids, immaculately dressed, running around a table piled high with sweets… glorious sweets.

In my mind I see the highest of high, layered chocolate cake, stacks and stacks of chocolate chip cookies, fluffy, sweet trifle and plates full of truffles, bon-bons and petits four. There are bowls of glossy, sweet candy: jelly beans, chocolate kisses, mini caramels and macaroons.

I have no idea why my mind goes to the 50s — I mean, I wasn’t even born yet! The brain is certainly a strange and bonkers organ. I guess that it doesn’t help that I’m a nostalgia junkie, and I’ve watched way too many old, black and white movies. And, I’ve listened to too much big band music. But there you have it: parties in my brain take place in a Mad Men episode.

In my mind sugary sweets are synonyms with celebration. Can you envision a holiday, party or gathering without sweets?

We humans are wired to love sugar. Before our agricultural heyday, we only had access to sugar during one short season of the year. When the fruit and berries ripened at the end of summer, that was our time to indulge and bask in the greatness that is sugar.

We then became super enginuitive: we figured out how to grow large crops of sugar cane, sugar beets and corn and convert that crop into vast quantities of sugar and syrup. We started to tap trees, to wring out Blue Agave plants and to poach honey from bee hives. And, now, in the modern age, our access to sugar has become so incredibly easy and cheap that we no longer have to wait for harvest time — we can simply celebrate sugar whenever we want to.

A constant, unabashed sugar celebration sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Indulging in sugar, everyday, must be one of the best things we humans ever engineered, right? Well…not quite.

I’m about to rain down on your party, and blow out your candles before you even had a chance. Because you have to know….

Sugar is a sweet poison.

Sugar is toxic to the body for 5 reasons:

1Sugar causes heart disease:

When you bite into something sweet, it mostly likely contains some form of sugar. The  simplest forms of  sugar (also known as monosaccharides) include: glucose, fructose,  galactose, xylose and ribose.

White table sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, molasses, coconut sugar and high fructose corn syrup all contain a combination of both glucose and fructose: the ratio between the two monosaccharides varies between each type of sugar.

The problematic monosaccharide in this story is fructose [1]. According to Dr. Robert Lustig, the liver converts 30-40% of the fructose that you eat into low density lipoproteins (LDL): a bad form of fat. The more fructose you consume, the more fat is produced [2]. This type of fat then builds-up in the arteries around the heart, thus causing heart disease.

2White refined sugar contributes to osteoporosis:

White, refined table sugar is completely devoid of vitamins and minerals. That’s why  white sugar is referred to as “empty” calories: it has absolutely no nutritional value.

Usually, nature provides us with sugar that contains vitamins and minerals to help us  digest, detoxify and eliminate the sugar. For example, honey and maple syrup contain nutrients that the body can use to process the sugars. Without vitamins and minerals, the body breaks down white table sugar by leaching vitamins and minerals from the body, particularly bone tissue. With constant over consumption of white sugar, the body continually breaks down bone tissue to digest and eliminate the sugar. Over time, osteoporosis, or weakening of the bone tissue, occurs [3].


Sugar makes the body acidic & causes chronic illness:

White table sugar lowers the pH of the body, thus taking the body to a more acidic  versus alkaline state. The body attempts to rectify the situation by releasing calcium  from the bones and teeth, and monopolizing sodium, potassium and magnesium from the food you eat.

With over consumption of white sugar, the body is forced to continually mobilize minerals from deep within the tissues of the body. Over time, the body remains acidic and the organs are deprived of necessary nutrients to function. This leaves the organs vulnerable to dysfunction and disease.


Sugar fuels cancer:

Some cancerous tumors contain insulin receptors. When sugar in any form is consumed, the pancreas releases insulin, which in turn attaches to the receptors on the tumor’s surface. Once insulin binds to the receptors on the tumor surface, sugar is allowed to flow into the cancerous tumor [4]. Sugar essentially feeds the tumor and encourages cancer growth.

5Sugar triggers over eating:

Sugar in any form decreases the release of leptin: a hormone which tells the body that it’s full. Without adequate leptin levels, a person does not experience the feeling of being full, and so they continue to eat [5].

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