21-Day Juicing Challenge

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I’m very excited to announce the very first Get Your Juice On Challenge

This challenge is a perfect way for novice and expert juicers to gather and support each other for 21 days of glorious juice making. (This challenge is not a fasting cleanse.)

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Here are the deets:

    • The challenge begins October 12th. 2013
    • You can sign-up on the challenge website at: www.getyourjuiceonchallenge.com 
    • Once you sign-up, join the private Facebook group 
    • When the challenge begins, post pictures and recipes of your daily juices on the private FB group
    • Meet tons and tons of fellow juicers from around the world!

I’m really excited to get my juice on with all of you!

Click Here To Sign-Up!

Tell your friends and family about the challenge! Share this announcement with everyone! Let’s get our juice on, together. 

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