Top 5 Juice Ingredients: 21-Day Juicing Challenge Week 1

21-Day Juicing Challenge

The annual Get Your Juice On: 21-Day Juicing Challenge started on September 1st. It’s been a wonderful first week filled with vibrantly coloured juices and participants from all over the world. Just like last year, we have 190 challengers!

The name of the game in this challenge is to drink one fresh juice each day, and enjoy regular, healthy meals. This isn’t a fasting challenge; instead, it’s a way for people to connect with each other in a global effort to juice everyday and build a stronger body from the inside out.

Juicing is the best way to saturate the body with raw, plant-based nutrients in order to invite more health, healing, and recovery into the body.

21-Day Juicing Challenge

When you are trying to transform your health or enhance the way that you feel, it’s important to feed your body with real food, in its purest state. If you’re on a mission to reclaim your health, it’s best to stay away from processed foods and processed sugar.

If you want to feel renewed, you have to care about what foods you are putting into your body. If you feed your body garbage, you’ll only feel like garbage.

So, to help people get connected with juicing and the importance of it, I created this yearly FREE challenge. We just wrapped up Week 1, and I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the pictures that have been posted in the private Facebook group. I thought I would also let you know what this week’s top 5 juice ingredients were.

21-Day Juicing Challenge

Alison Smith host of the 21-Day Juicing Challenge

1. Turmeric

Last year, all of the challengers and I discovered how delicious fresh turmeric root is. Turmeric looks very similar to ginger root, except the interior is bright yellow. This superfood can save the taste of any juice, but watch out…it can really stain your fingers.

Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. You can find it in your local East Indian grocery store or at a health food grocery store like Wholefoods. And, if you can’t find it, just ask to speak with your local produce manager to see if they can bring it into the shop.


2. Beets

This week, there have been so many gorgeous, hot-pink juices courtesy of the wonderful world of beets. Beets are a perfect veggie to use in a juice because they add sweetness and a big, nutritive punch: beets are high in iron, which is an important mineral for healthy red blood cell function.

21-Day Juicing Challenge

3. Coconut Water

I don’t remember anyone in the challenge adding coconut water to their juices last year. Which means, there is a lot of effective coconut water marketing going on this year. I love coconut water, and thanks to my juicing challengers, I’m now adding it to my juices as well.

In Canada, my favorite brands are Grace (sugar-free) or Thirsty Buddha (sugar-free). Both of these Canadian companies provide an excellent tasting coconut water filled with body rocking electrolytes to help hydrate the body.

Alison Smith host of the 21-Day Juicing Challenge

21-Day Juicing Challenge

4. Lemon

Most challengers are opting to add lemon to their fresh juices. If you are new juicing, however, make sure that you peel the outer layer of the lemon away before adding it to your juice. The outer zest is filled with bitter tasting oils that can drastically alter the way that your juice tastes.

5. Tomatoes

It is tomato season after all, so I’ve been making a lot of tomato based juices. With tomatoes, you get a lot bang for your buck. Tomatoes contain a great deal of water. So, you can make a substantial amount of juice without using too much produce. I like tomato, celery, and garlic juice with a little salt and pepper. It’s very gazpacho like — delicious!

21-Day Juicing Challenge21-Day Juicing Challenge


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