21-Day Juicing Challenge: First Week Done & So Much Fun!

Day 2

I wanted to do something to bring people together. Something that not only promoted health and vitality but also promoted community, support and fun…we all need more fun in our lives, right? Yes, absolutely!

So, I decided to host a 21-Day Juicing Challenge, and ask participants to post pictures of their daily juices and juice recipes in a private Facebook group. I had no idea if I would be able to get people to join.

At first, I thought it would be absolutely amazing if 50 people joined me. But something surprising happened; 50 people signed-up within the first 48 hours. And, by the time the first day of the challenge rolled around, we had 180 challengers! I’m still so excited with the turn out. And, it also means that I will definitely host a 21-Day Juicing Challenge every year from now on!

Day 1 Collage 2

I think the best part of this challenge was the opportunity to meet such wonderful people. I always love to meet new people, and I’m so grateful for the internet and how it’s made this world seem so much smaller.

We have participants from 19 different countries! I have no idea how everyone heard about this challenge but I’m so glad that they did.

World Map of Participants

We have now wrapped up the first week of the challenge — the first 7 days are now under our belts. Pictures galore have been shared on the Facebook group, and we are collecting hundreds of new recipes: all of which will be compiled into a new FREE juice recipe e-book that will be available for download from this blog.

I thought I would share my juice pictures with you from the first 7 days.

I have also had the fabulous opportunity to meet some fellow bloggers that are also participating the in the 21-Day Juicing Challenge. I’m so grateful to have met Katrin & Julie, better known as The Raw Food Sisters, Koko B of Koko’s Kitchen, Sue of SusanGrahamGuddat.com, Jessica Nazarali of Live Healthy Simply, Melissa Horne of Soul Wellness Kinesiology, Natalia Chouklina of Achieve the Impossible, and Amanda Moore of The Savoury Soul.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Juicing is a powerful tool that can be used to restore and reclaim health. Throughout my healing journey, I have explored and tried an incredible amount of different wellness practices to support my medical treatment and recovery. Juicing by far has been one of the most transformative practices, and I’m so happy that I at least tried it.

Trying new ways to support your health and vitality is an empowering act. Experimenting and exploring ways to boost your energy and to support recovery from chronic illness is only something that you as an individual can do. No one else but you can take the steps needed to more forward into a life where you feel vibrant, happy, strong and alive.

Day 5 Effect

Day 6

Day 7 Collage 2

You are the catalyst of your health. And, you deserve to feel amazing. If you are feeling like your health is rather lack luster, or you are battling a chronic illness, I encourage you to try juicing for yourself. Don’t take my word for it, do the experiment yourself, and see first hand how it makes you feel.

Do you love juicing? Do you want to start juicing? Are you a 21-day juice challenger? Leave a comment below.

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10 Comments on “21-Day Juicing Challenge: First Week Done & So Much Fun!

  1.  by  cassandra

    just had hysterectomy and flu with it, need to drop 35 pds and feel like me again..Menopause has not been kind and im tired of it all and want me back…ordered a juicer for starters coming in a week. Once surgeon says ok all good end of month, I want to start….worried about migrains and if u have naseau a lot? thanks

    •  by  admin

      Congratulations on ordering your first juicer! How exciting : ) I have never experienced migraines or nausea from juicing. The 21-Day Juicing Challenge, that I host every year, is not a juicing fast. The participants eat regular, clean, healthy meals, right along side their daily juice. I would recommend that you start drinking one juice per day — along side regular, small, healthy meals. Juicing will give you more energy, and it will help you heal from surgery. (It will also help your immune system.) Get you juice on!

  2.  by  saskia overbeek

    I am trying to get started on juicing, I have a great juicer just lack the will power and the recipes. 🙂

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  5.  by  Amanda B

    I love this juicing challenge, I have been participating on my own, see I don’t have Facebook! Next year I hope that you will include twitter and instagram! I have been Instagramming my juices on the daily to my followers! I get questions about what I am doing and I can’t even direct people anywhere as I don’t have Facebook! I love the promise to myself to juice each day! I have been feeling wonderful!

    •  by  admin

      Amanda! Thank you so much for letting me know that you are loving the juicing challenge! I’m so happy to hear from you : ) I so wish you could see the hundreds of pictures that everyone else has posted. Can you tag me onto your twitter images? I would love to see them! My twitter handle is @AlisonSmithTV. We have collected 185 new juice recipes so far, and I’m going to make a new FREE e-book that will include them all. I’ll send you a copy when it’s ready! All the best! xoxo

    •  by  admin

      Thank you sweet, Katrin! You and Julie inspire me as well. I can’t wait to hear more about your business in Ghana. It’s very exciting, and I wish you an abundance of continued success. Hugs to you! xoxox

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